Is Trent Brown Angling For His Release From the Raiders?

The Raiders have a big decision coming on Trent Brown’s $14 million contract. Based on an Instagram post on Thursday evening, the Raiders often-unavailable right tackle might be trying to speed up the team’s decision-making process.

The post showed an image of Brown in a Raiders uniform with the message:

“The one on the back is the one that matter!! #TB77”

Social media posts can be misleading, but Brown’s latest message certainly comes across as a jab at the Raiders.

So why tweet this now as opposed to when he is (most likely) released?

One explanation might be that Brown is wanting to make sure he is released before the start of free agency. If released a few days or even a week into free agency, teams may not have the cap room to offer what they would have at the onset of free agency. With the salary cap projected to drop significantly in 2021, there is already less free agent money to go around this year.

As a result, it could cost a player like Brown millions of dollars to miss out on the first wave of free agency.

We will have answers soon enough, but right now it feels like #TB77 has probably played his last game in a Raiders uniform.

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39 thoughts on “Is Trent Brown Angling For His Release From the Raiders?

  1. Swap Orlando Brown of the Baltimore Ravens for Trent Brown, if possible. No one, other than Derek Carr, wants to play for Jon Gruden. No one believes that he is taking this team anywhere other than to another losing season. The Raiders, under Jon Gruden, are a joke and a waste of time.

    1. Your 100% correct, as Gruden parades himself on the sideline with his ever growing mid section protruding – his decisions are pathetic, his game plan has zero imagination, seems like something great happens, it’s an accident. Carr has 42% win rate, no wonder ge wants to play for Gruden, he has small children, and doesn’t seem to care, talks about the lord too much, which is his excuse for failures, as when he throes for 115 yards at KC, it was the lords intention. with Carr next year, team cgoes 6-10. With Mariota the team goes 11-5.

      1. You’re mentally handicapped if you actually believe that the team goes 11-5 with Mariota. Teams know to gameplan against the RPO and he’ll be screwed.

      2. Hi, Derek Carr threw for 622 Yards, 6 Touchdowns, 2 interceptions. combined 123.2 QB Rating, 72.6 % completion percentage, and 0 Fumbles against the Chiefs last year.

        Yes, he has had bad games against the chiefs, but don’t bring up Mariota and compare him against Carr from an ENTIRELEY DIFFERNT YEAR. That is like me Saying Mariota is bad because the titans went 3-13 in his rookie year. Mitch Trubisky is better because he went 12-4 with the bears.

        Are there better options than Carr, Probably. Can we afford to fix the other problems with the team while getting a different QB probably not.

    2. He wants to play Left Tackle only. I don’t know if Kolton Miller can swing to the Right.

    3. What kind of a Raider fan are you. Gruden got this offense moving. We were losing long before Jon got here.

    4. Until they have an owner that wants to win we go nowhere. Should have got rid of Gruden and hired Eric Bienimy . Package ship car and Trent Brown ship them off to the Jets for their number one pick. Keep Mariota drops instead defensive players Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock couldn’t draft a f****** player if their life depended on it. **** gm **** head coach. Until orangutan Davis gets rid of these two Raiders go nowhere

      1. Lol why hire a coach that no one else wants? Have an independent thought and don’t let media influence you sheep

    5. That’s an idea but brown only wants to play LT that’s why he wants out of Baltimore so Miller to RT I’m cool with it it’s a fair swap

  2. I hope he’s played his last game with the Raiders. He’s selfish. He’s lazy. He’s always overweight and out of shape. He has a horrible attitude. He’s always unavailable. And those were his positive traits. Just because he performs at a high level “when” he plays is not a good enough reason to keep him, hell, that’s why he was one of, if not the highest paid tackle in the NFL; to wit, to perform at a high level.

    1. He’s the typical money grab guy. Goes hard in contact year but mails it in when he’s getting paid. Sucks cause raiders could use him but any player that doesn’t go 100% all the time, Especially a guy getting paid millions, needs to go. I think a trade is realistic since he has a team friendly contract.

    2. The sad part, this stuff happens to Raiders way too often. When they bring in a Veteran
      that’s played great somewhere else and after getting a unreasonably high contract from Raiders
      they feel like they retired from playing but want to collect the cash.
      That crap just needs to stop, or Raiders will never win.
      Other players see that and it affects their play. A cancer in locker room seams to spread like cancer.

  3. Good riddance. He doesn’t want to be there and it showed. Give me someone with half the talent giving 100% every play and I’d take him over Brown any day.

    1. Amen… short and sweet message to a player who never seemed to care about being on the team anyway! Denzel Good deserves any praise that should be handed out! Hopefully they can trade him to the a bottom dweller to curb his message to what I think is #Tom Brady77

  4. Trent brown was a waist of time & money the raiders always over pay so if you want to get overpaid come to the raiders there even over paying gruden just to lose might have won a couple of more games butt think about it we are still a joke🤬🤬🤬🤬

    1. If you’re a fan be a diehard fan. Truth is guys have to want to play no matter what, but they also need a field General who will garner their trust and support. Carr, in my opinion, is not that guy. For Trent Brown he probably is a problem financially and attitude. Bad attitudes are contagious. I’m out. RN4L circa 1965.

  5. Trent Brown is just one of the Raiders problems. The quarterback has no heart and miss wide open receivers. There is no Defense whatsoever. The head coach has no vision or creativity. In that division, once the Broncos get a quarterback, the Raiders will own the bottom of the AFC west.

  6. William G. says exactly what I thought when they hired the goon 3 years ago! Anyone pay attention to his record as a HC? Perceptive Al new his inability when he traded him! Wish his son had same perception!

  7. Agree with each if you the Trent Brown is not a true Raider and Gruden needs to tighten up his game or be gone as well! The ole Gruden playbook is pitiful and predictable, and it’s tine for him to give up the play calling to a first rate OC. No more **** excuses for incompetence and being out coaches every **** week of the season. Mark Davis must recommit to excellence at all levels of the organization, beginning with himself? What would Al Davis do? Fire all the driftwood losers beginning with Gruden down to the ball boys. We’ve spent too much money and time on losers, and it’s time to just win baby! Let’s go Mark Davis and stop desecrating your Dads legacy and standards with losing epithets if we’re getting better each week bullshit! Take care of business or lose the Nation boys…your time is up!
    Coach L

  8. Politics has taken over the NFL / NBA its getting hard to watch …These player cop attitudes and will not try but still have no problem cashing the checks ., Living the high life … Teams need to just quit allowing these agents to run salaries so high !

  9. Got his money 💰 and called it a day he’s fat out of shape trade him ! Find someone who wants to be a Raider!

  10. Him going out on the town without his covid monitor should tell you everything risking affecting the whole team. He’s a self centered over weight tackle that happens to be good not great just good. I never pictured him as a Raider. Bye see ya…good riddance

  11. Beep, Beep, beep?!

    Shhh, What is that? It is the sound of 55’ trailer backing up to take this 400 + pound, all you can eat buffet bum out of the Raider Nation and all of his BS with him. Brown has already ate his way out of the Not For Long and has a one way ticket to the bar stool next to JaMarcus Russell, no make that three bar stools so the one don’t collapse. You want to know what a real Tackle and professional looks like look at Colton Miller Gruden haters. Gruden will be fine once he purges the roster of these “purple drank” players who stop playing once their paid. The Raiders were more than generous to Brown who gave nothing back like some who add nothing to the RN and want to make this failure about his Head Coach. No Brown is not a victim to anything other than his own laziness and like Antonio, Brown is only about Brown. Make a lot of room JaMarcus here comes Trent!

  12. We played better without him.
    Gruden needs to go back to the booth.
    His play calling is the worst.
    No miss direction no jet sweeps
    Nothing. His play calling is predictable
    Let’s see if we pick up d jack?

  13. That’s okay get rid of him he don’t do nothing anyways he was a waste of money all these fat lineman over 300 lb they can’t even move they need to stay under 300 lb so their agile and mobile it’s ridiculous wasting money somebody’s actually this wants their money and then they don’t put out once they get paid then they don’t play with the crap

  14. They should hold onto him until the draft…then release him…he would be lucky to get HALF of what Raiders are on the hook for.

  15. Trent W Brown. W stands for win, which raiders do when he plays. Dominant. Watch the film. Humble and likeable. Watch his reaction to Warren Sapp props. Some of you seem not to understand football. Also, stop fatmouthing #4. DC=$. AB raider fan since 1968

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