It Sounds Like Jim Harbaugh Has Interest in Becoming the Next Raiders Head Coach

When the Raiders fired Josh McDaniels, everyone knew that Jim Harbaugh would be one of the first names connected to the job opening.

It took a little longer than expected (maybe the NCAA allegations played a role in that), but it sounds like Harbaugh has begun sharing that he is interested in the Raiders job.

According to The Athletic’s Mike Jones, the Raiders are one of at least two NFL teams that Harbaugh would consider coaching next year…

“Harbaugh is among those expected to receive consideration in the next hiring cycle, according to a league source who has been briefed on discussions high-ranking NFL officials have had about potential head coach candidates.

Two other league sources who regularly talk with teams about hiring and firing decisions said at least two teams — the Chicago Bears and Las Vegas Raiders — are believed to be among those that would appeal to Harbaugh. The individuals spoke on condition of anonymity to talk freely about the situation.”

Harbaugh was linked to the Raiders two years ago, but most of the interest at the time was believed to be on Harbaugh’s end.

It’s unclear if the Raiders will have any interest in Harbaugh this time around, but it’s starting to feel like Antonio Pierce is the favorite to get the job.

The players want Pierce, and the fans want him, too.

Then again, the Raiders locker room begged to keep Rich Bisaccia two years ago, and Raiders owner Mark Davis opted to give Josh McDaniels a six-year, $60 million contract, instead.

We’ll have to wait and see what Davis has up his sleeve this time around.

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16 thoughts on “It Sounds Like Jim Harbaugh Has Interest in Becoming the Next Raiders Head Coach

  1. Please shut-up! The Raiders do not have the luxury of another tumultuous internal disaster.
    The Interim head Coach has held the reins for three weeks. All the players, and the fans are
    trying to get comfortable with a culture change. And, all the media, and sports writers can
    do is try to create a logjam. They will not be happy unless the Raiders are in the laughingstock position again.

  2. Raider Harbaugh should have been hired many years ago. Just has been wasted time , wasted money, and endless frustration since. Now if AP can win these four remaining afc west games and get this team to the playoffs with a rookie qb, he deserves the job. If not, finally do the right thing Mark Davis and hire Raider Harbaugh. Before someone else like the Chargers does. But I’m afraid loosing over $100 mill on these last two bad hires, might mean no Raider Harbaugh yet again. Settling for a cheaper option and probably more mediocrity.

    1. We don’t have the time to waited on AP he’s got all this year if he does produce then Mark Davis needs to get another coach but not break the bank. We haven’t win a SB since 1983 or 1984. This along time. If JH has proven himself with the Niners and The College Rankings. He got a record AP he got this year that’s it. So good luck AP all he can do.

  3. Keep Antonio Piercehe has done an excellent job with the team it sounds like the team has been comfortable around Antonio Pierce. It sounds like the players and the fans are comfortable around Antonio Pierce. That’s what the Raiders needed to change the way up they play the game

  4. I want the Raiders to win out right. When they do, we will have Antonio Pierce as our full time head coach and Champ Kelly our full time GM. Let’s make it happen. Let’s go Raiders

  5. So the Raiders go from one ego maniac to another? Let’s see how AP does. I’m not convinced that he’s the guy, but they may as well see how he does with the half season before making any decision. Honestly, they should have kept Bisaccia after what he pulled off with that season. Whoever it is, don’t give them a 6 year contract until they win some rings.

    1. **** Hard bro! ..AP. is in a position . What the RAIDERS NEED IS A POSITIVE LEADER .. Let’s see How we finish out the season … And let’s SQUISH The FISH TOMORROW AT 1PM.. #,98 GONNNA EAT TUA FOR BREAKFAST.. DA RAIDERS. LETS JUST WIN BABY!!!

  6. No way!!! Jim Harbough lacks sportsmanship ethics plus he wasn’t really leading Michigan any higher than mediocre.So far A.P is doing a good job he’s a great leader all he needs is a good supporting coaching staff in areas that aren’t his strong point he seems to listen and communicate well with the players and coaches,remember it’s a team effort.

  7. Being an egomaniac as a coach is ok as long as it results in wining and your players want to play for you. It’s called swagger , gravitas, The Greats have it and Raider Harbaugh has it. Al Davis had it for decades. Al was also a unique character, unliked by many, as is Raider Harbaugh. RH turned Stanford ( yes Stanford) into a national power, not even Bill Walsh did that. He turned around two other teams in short order, and made them into powers again. He did these things without a lot of help from Tom Brady (though Andrew Luck was pretty good). We wouldn’t be having these discussions if he was hired instead of Gruden (couldn’t “shop for the groceries”) . We would be talking about “Playoffs” every year . Now AP has been a good story so far , a good dude, a Raidaaa too. Let’s see if he can beat the broncos, the chargers, and the chiefs at home? The good “Raidaaas” used to do that. Let’s see how he does down the stretch against some good teams? That will tell us all we need to know about going forward with AP. He wins and he is in , he doesn’t and he is not. Then you finally hire Raider Harbaugh, it’s a no brainer.

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