It’s Time for Derek Carr and Jon Gruden to open up the Raiders offense

After a promising win against the Broncos in week one, it has since been a disappointing two weeks for the Raiders. It’s nothing new for the Raiders to be inadequate on defense, but the offense hasn’t been any better over the past two weeks.

On Wednesday, Gruden pointed to the fact that the offense had to be critiqued a lot after Antonio Brown left the reservation, but statistically a lot has gone right for the offense to be struggling the way it is. Carr is not under constant duress in the pocket, he has the third-best completion percentage in the NFL, the running backs are averaging 4.7 YPC (10th-best in the league), and yet somehow the offense is stagnant.

Pro Football Focus has Carr rated as their no. 7 quarterback through three weeks and PFR advanced stats indicate that he has a bad pass rate of 12.2% which is fifth-best in the league. By comparison, Tom Brady (20.8%), Jared Goff (20%), and Patrick Mahomes (18.4%) are making far more questionable throws, but each of those offenses are humming along.

So what is the issue?

Maybe it’s time for Gruden’s offense to get out of the sand box and start playing with the big boys. Five perfectly executed three-yard routes just aren’t worth much in today’s NFL.

Mahomes is averaging 10.1 net yards per pass play. Brady is just behind Mahomes (8.2), while Goff (6.3) and Carr (6.2) are ranked 18th and 19th in the league respectively. Too often it seems the Raider offense is designed to pick up short gains. That could be due to Carr’s audibles at the line, or it could be a too conservative approach from Gruden. Gruden loves low-risk throws that drag out drives, but it might be time for his offense to evolve – especially since all three of Carr’s interceptions this year have come on short throws.

Ball control offenses can work with a little defensive support, but the Raiders have given up 28 and 21 points by halftime in the past two games. There is no defensive support in the forecast.

After watching film from the Minnesota game, the Raiders put very little pressure on the Viking safeties until they spread out the defense and threatened downfield. Regardless of who is to blame for the conservative play-calling, it’s time for Gruden and the gang to try something new in Indianapolis. Stop trying to stuff a square block into a round hole. Maybe suit up more than four receivers and plan to use them. Pull the first-down jumbo formations out of the playbook and give the Colts something to worry about. Stop trying to get to 2nd and 7 on first down. Every defense in the league will take that in 2019.

Stop scheming for first downs and start scheming for touchdowns.

Knock on wood if you’re with me.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Time for Derek Carr and Jon Gruden to open up the Raiders offense

  1. Gruden May talk a good game but he gets out coached as the game goes on…they need to stretch the field and make adjustments as the game goes on

  2. Open is a understatement. Win or lose at this point let loose. I hate to loose but also this stagnant offense is ridiculous. C’mon guys at least try!🏴‍☠️👈🏿

  3. Game plan are defense for blitz. QB are licking there chops playing are WEAK LINE. C’mon guys go to the bench if need. Try anything!! 🏴‍☠️👈🏿

  4. carr is a backup QB making starting QB money.

    He needs to be dumped and a new QB needs to be found

    Carr is a coward who is scared to get hit

    Carr needs to leave the NFL and go start a church or bible study group

  5. This is the truth, Carr is a top tier talent being used as a game manager practily handing the ball to recivers, it’s silly that a former MVP candidate is used like a backup rookie

  6. I would suggest that we may need to bench carr for this half of the season, and go with petterman til he falls off, bye that time carr should have his mentals together to take us the rest of the way.

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