Could Stefon Diggs be a Trade Target for the Raiders?

Jon Gruden is looking for another receiver and the messier his offense gets, it might come down to Gruden making another big move by way of a trade.

There aren’t many receivers known to be available, but there are rumors that Stefon Diggs might request a trade from Minnesota, where isn’t being used as he was in the past.

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Per @KFAN1003, there are whispers that #Vikings WR Stefon Diggs might request a trade.

Diggs is in his fifth NFL year in the league and turns 26 during the season. After 102 receptions a year ago for 1,021 yards, the Vikings offense has changed philosophies a bit and Diggs has only six receptions in three games this year. The problem for Minnesota, if Diggs did make a trade request, is that they would assume $21 million in dead money if they traded him in the second year of his five-year, $72 million deal. Generally the only reason a team takes a $20 million cap hit is to get rid of a nuisance player like Antonio Brown, which Diggs is not.

The other side of the coin, though, is what kind of return could the Vikings get for a player like Diggs? Gruden is going to get desperate for a receiver again if he can’t get the Raiders offense rolling and he would most likely be ready run right through general manager Mike Mayock to get another top receiver.

Speaking of Gruden, the Raiders head coach has a huge two weeks ahead. From a public relations standpoint, he can’t afford to go 1-4 and enter the bye week having just lost to Khalil Mack and the Bears. And looking ahead a little farther, imagine rolling into Las Vegas next year with the team no better than the Raiders are right now. Gruden needs to figure something out and do it soon.

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7 thoughts on “Could Stefon Diggs be a Trade Target for the Raiders?

  1. I wish some people would stop suggesting that Mayock is a real GM (Gruden running right thru Mayock 2 trade). Maock is a puppet n Gruden has n will continue 2 be the only person that makes decisions 4 Raiders as long as he remains. Gruden should have made better decisions starting last year but truth is if he was any type of guru with even mild intelligence he would not have made some of the moves he has. Raiders should be in far better position than Gruden has them currently stationed.

  2. Injuries and Antonio Brown aside, the Raiders are in a bad spot, with little relief ahead, due to their schedule, among other things. I don’t feel like Gruden is using Derek Carr correctly. Very few deep balls being thrown, and the dink and dunk offense that seemed to work years ago doesn’t cut it any longer, especially when the defense can’t seem to stop the better offenses in the league. Yes, we Raiders fans want to see more of Josh Jacobs in both the running and passing game, but we still have speedsters JJ Nelson, Williams and the emerging Darren Waller to throw deep to. Gruden needs to take a page (or two) out of Andy Reed’s playbook and start being aggressive on offense. It can’t hurt. Doing what they are currently doing clearly isn’t working.

  3. Isn’t it clear that management/Davis/Gruden/Mayock, have fumbled the ball. They should have brought in a #1 receiver by now. They seem to be in shock and haven’t got a plan B that works. Sure Carr is gonna get blamed too but ya need a #1 receiver. Until then apparently, winning is not the priority. The draft board 2021 is already getting in place.

  4. Every Time Jon Gruden says, “we gotta get pressure on the QB or we need a Pass Rusher” I want someone to run the clip back from the day HE traded the Best Pass Rusher in the NFL aka Khalil Mack!! How’s the Bears looking on defense coach?? You big dummy!!!!

  5. Look at Grudens first draft and this last draft and you’ll see a difference. Literally almost the whole draft of the previous year has been a complete dud. This years draft (Mayock’s 1st draft as GM) was different compared to Grudens first draft back with the Raiders. Yes, Gruden has the final say but Maycok is there because he will question some of Grudens moves and picks. That’s important because there was nobody in that organization who would question Gruden previously. His first stint with the Raiders he had Al Davis who would keep him in check. Yes, Gruden has the last word but it doesn’t go completely unchallenged

    1. U have got 2 b kidding – Gruden has 1st, 2nd, n last word. Mayock will not challenge him neither will anyone else in organization. Gruden brought Mayock in 2 b a yes man n nothing more. Maybe Mayock n Gruden discuss things but Gruden will decide n it wont b indicative of some guru or football grnious as Gruden has made terrible decisions thus far n will never absolve himself of the Mack trade.

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