Jack Del Rio Won’t Say What’s Wrong With The Raiders

Jack Del Rio isn’t saying what’s wrong with the Raiders, but he does have a code for it.

What’s been missing for the past month and a half, according to Del Rio?

The “mojo” is missing.

Whatever that means, it’s become the go-to response to JDR’s tough questions – with lack of “execution” just a few breaths behind in many cases.

Since coaches don’t actually coach “mojo” to their teams, the term obviously translates to something more. You know, like an idea with substance of some kind.

The first option is Del Rio simply doesn’t know what’s gone wrong. The team simply isn’t responding to what worked a year ago and he’s at a loss.

Hence, the team is searching for mojo.

The second, and more likely explanation, is Del Rio isn’t going to tell us what’s wrong.

Maybe the problem is a coach or two. Maybe it’s a player. Who knows.

For now, Jack isn’t incriminating himself or anyone else, but if he’s looking for someone to blame, the internet is always here to help.

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15 thoughts on “Jack Del Rio Won’t Say What’s Wrong With The Raiders

  1. Here’s what’s wrong:

    1. DOWLING!
    2. NORTON JR!!
    3. DEL RIO!!!

    Nuff said. Period. Case closed!!

  2. This goes back to Redskin’ s game when the offensive line was accused of not blocking for Carr when he did not join their anthem protest. SNOPES.com news article “Did Oakland Raiders punish Carr for standing during National Anthem”. Since that game an addition news video by reporters came out and was squashed, B&R black & right / black & blond media reported additional news which added more information on this. Del Rio knows the truth and he has lost control of the team, there is no way the Raiders can win this season with what has allegedly happen. The offensive line no longer talks of team play and working together, and through this and you don’t see Carr firing up the offensive when they are on the bench. For Raider fans this whole situation is disgusting and there will need to be house cleaning after this season if the Raiders ever want to return to winning. There needs to be an NFL investigation and life ban for any Oakland offensive line player that is found to deliberately to have not blocked for Carr.

  3. Well he better find their mojo soon or the season will be over. Raiders need to start wining again or else kiss their playoff hopes goodbye. Good luck Blackjack Del Rio cause you’re going to need it

  4. Coaching is to blame! First up, Jack Del Rio. The Raiders had the 6th rated offense in 2016. This year they are ranked 14th. This is an offense that returned all of its starters and added Marshawn Lynch and Jared Cook. So what has really changed? Well, JDR let Bill Musgraves walk and promoted Todd Downing as the new OC. Downing has replaced the power blocking scheme with zone blocking scheme. Someone please tell Downing that the Oline personal is suited for power not zone. This has caused the running game to be ineffective. Finally, play calling is horrendous. The Raiders do not push the vertical passing game and they have all but abandoned play action pass. So, JDR is solely to blame for replacing a coach on the one side of the ball that was not having problems at the time. Next, Defense. JDR has continued to stand by his DC when he should have been let go last year. Ken Norton JR. does not know how to all a defense. There was one game where the other team had the ball inside the Raiders 20 yard line with a 3rd and 3 yards to go. Our defense lined up in a 4-3 cover 2. He deployed the two safeties in a 2 deep zone. First off, there is no reason to worry about the two deep zone when they are inside the red zone. Second, the offense was lined up in a power running formation and we did not stack the box. This is just one example of hundreds of examples that shows our DC calling the wrong defensive formation. With that said, I would normally say we should give JDR one more year, but, he took a playoff caliber team and ran them into the ground faster than Lamar Odem collapsing at a brothel. JDR should be fired at the end of the season. If I can dream, Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie should do everything they can do to hire Jim Harbough from University of Michigan.

  5. In no particular order here’s what wrong,,JDR has no clue! Why is downing changing the system that worked? Tired of the two yard pass! Air it out ! The first drive was great then WTF Happened!? Norton is a gd cheerleader let him cheer from home! Reggie WTF!

  6. Norton and Downing don’t have a clue. The mark of a good coach is coaching to your players strengths. Neither does this, and we need Reggie to get us help on defense. The Jags just got Marcel Darius for a piece of gum and a song. I’m just saying.

  7. JDR was a great sentimental hire. He calls players men. He is a players coach. After that he is not very good.

    What works in today’s game is competitive practice and mindset. Unfortunately this team has stiffs aside from #52 and #24. You need attitude, and aggressive players. Carr, Crabtree, Cooper, all the linebackers not named Bowman and all the secondary not named Joseph are SOFT!

    Play with some **** fire in your belly Raiders. All talent no guts!

  8. From 6th to 28th – it’s the first year OC – What Team, that is ranked 6th hires a first year OC-the raiders. THE OC MUST GO, he doesn’t have a clue, his play calling is HORRENDOUS. From power blocking scheme to zone blocking scheme with a running back like Marshawn Lynch & our other speed backs, I’m a Pop Warner OC and even I know that will not work. HE MUST GO(OC).
    And don’t let me get on the DC – He should have been gone a year ago.
    If you’re going to keep the OC & DC, then just pack up your tent and call it a year.
    Some one that cares about the Raiders no matter where they go. They can go to the moon and I will be a moon raider fan. Come on GM & HC give us something to cheer about.

  9. Might it be a malaise due to the upcoming move to Las Vegas and the current lame duck status? They might have been better off moving this year and playing at UNLV or some other available field. If so, we’re in for a few more bad years (which has been the norm since 2002 except for last year’s surprise). Whatever, there will be a mass change of coaches after the disappointment from being an alleged Super Bowl contender to possibly the bottom of the AFC West. One is left to wonder if last year was a fluke.

  10. What’s interesting is how on Monday JDR stated the last play before halftime was designed to be a Hail Mary style play, and this morning when Carr was asked about the play, the first thing Carr stated was that considering chances of probability the play he ran (the dump pass) was the better route to go…sounds like a disagreement at some level between Carr and the coaches.

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