Jalen Ramsey says he still wants a trade. Raiders interested?

All has been quiet on the Jalen Ramsey trade talks, but according to Ramsey on Thursday night, his trade request still stands.

“I’m not sure if I’ve played my final game for the Jags yet or not but my trade request still stands,” Ramsey said on his Uninterrupted podcast. “Once respect is lost for both parties I think it is time to part ways.” 

The Raiders we’re reportedly in the mix for Ramsey as of last Wednesday, but Jacksonville has been trying to convince Ramsey to stay since beating the Titans last week. There is no guarantee the Raiders would still be interested in Ramsey after starting the year with a 1-2 record, but Paul Guenther’s defense has been shaky and still doesn’t have a clear no. 1 cornerback. They could use Ramsey as much any team in the market.

The last we heard, the Jaguars had turned down a first and second round pick from the Ravens, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise since the combined value of those picks probably won’t have the value of a single top-10 pick. Meanwhile, the Raiders first-round pick seems to be gaining value every week.

Between the babies, back injuries, and flu viruses that Ramsey has conveniently collected over the last week, it seems obvious that he is trying to dictate a trade without going all-out ‘Antonio Brown’ on the Jaguars. Just a guess, but at the rate things are going, Jacksonville soon won’t be left with many options other than to trade their best player… maybe to the Raiders?

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2 thoughts on “Jalen Ramsey says he still wants a trade. Raiders interested?

  1. Earlier reports said it was a done deal with the Jags, 1st round pick (Bears) and Gareon Conley, but after the Jags’ win their owner pulled back on the deal. Bad business.

  2. I would hope the Raiders learned from the Brown fiasco. That first #1 pick will be way too valuable. If need be, they could get a top college CB with that pick.

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