James Jones Believes Derek Carr Is A “Very Close Second” To Aaron Rodgers

Former Raiders assistant coach Rod Woodson said on Wednesday that Derek Carr doesn’t bring “toughness” to the Raiders and questioned what kind of success Jordy Nelson would have playing with a quarterback that was “is not Aaron Rodgers.”

It was an underhanded shot at both players and one that predictably wasn’t well received by most Raider fans.

Coincidentally, James Jones, a former teammate of both players (Carr and Nelson) spoke to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Scott Bair on the same day and painted a much different picture of the Raiders quarterback who is not Aaron Rodgers.

This is what Jones said he told Jordy Nelson after he signed with the Raiders.

“I told him in my opinion if there’s anybody that’s a very close second to Aaron Rodgers, it’s the kid you’re about to play with… I’ve been around Derek Carr for a long time. When he was at Fresno State we used to train and throw balls together. At that time I had only played with two quarterbacks and that was Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers and the first time I see this kid throw, I’m like ‘man, I’ve seen these throws before.'”

Jones said he believes Carr not only shares physical attributes with Rodgers, but also a similar approach to the game, mentally.

“I knew he was going to be special. It’s natural, it’s a flick of the wrist. He can make every throw, inside the pocket, outside the pocket, he can make plays with his legs, extremely smart, and a super competitor at the same time. He wants everything to be perfect and I seen those same things with Aaron Rodgers.”

Jones played one season with the Raiders in what happened to be the Carr’s rookie year.

He caught what was arguably the biggest touchdown of the 2014 season.

Somewhere, Khalil Mack and Sio Moore are still celebrating…

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7 thoughts on “James Jones Believes Derek Carr Is A “Very Close Second” To Aaron Rodgers

  1. Rod Woodson’s comments about Carr are way off base as for Jordy Nelson I don’t think we should’ve gotten rid of Crabtree, he was hot headed at times Denver games.

    I hope Jordy has a great season as I’m a true Raider and I’m all for our new players, I hope Cooper can hold onto the Ball next season

  2. I have nothing but respect for D. Carr. He promotes the positives, steers clear of the negatives and sticks to his Christian beliefs and values. I’ve never seen a post with him saying anything bad about others, even when he is heavily criticized. That’s the kind of example I want my kids to see and follow; I hope I can follow that behavior myself.

  3. Rod Woodsons just mad cuz Mark Davis finally realized his joke of a coaching staff was the reason we suck. He was the DB coach over what was one of the worst secondaries of all time. Why should anyone care about his opinion?

  4. I remember Jones talking up Carr a few years back, and I for one as all Raiders fans should, erase 2017 from history books. Carr is being set up nicely in this ever perplexing game of chess. Gruden has beefed up the running game. Last year, of the top 10 teams in rushing, only the cokeboys missed the playoffs. So, Nelson and Rodgers never had run game Carr is being handed keys too, and let’s not forget that Nelson had 6td in the games Rodgers played. Most importantly he doesn’t drop balls, and locker room presence (or difference of his and crabs) is worth 1-2$alone. White lighting will look good on ACDC logo..lol. I expect a huge year from Jordy. AC should top 1200yds and Jordy 900. Jordy 11-13 TD. When we lead AFC in scoring Woodson will look like scorned lover he is.

  5. Woods in wasn’t that great a player and was worse as a coach. Seams like sour grapes with his comments on Carr and Nelson. I was sorry to see Crabtree go his fight with Talib was old style Raider behavior and I loved it. Raiders will be better this year with Gruden and new players.

  6. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Rod Woodson is entitled to his as well. My opinion is that the Raiders are doing what they think is best and as a true Raider fan I am on board. I was a Raider fan before Gruden first hire and I saw what Chucky was able to do before. He built it, then was traded, and then he destroyed it. Raiders still fighting to rebound from 2002 Super Bowl. Now that Chucky is back I believe he will put the Raiders back on top.

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