Is It Really A Wise Business Decision For 95.7 The Game To Ignore The Raiders?

The Raiders flagship radio station came out this week (via one of their hosts) and acknowledged that there is a calculated reason for why the station barely covers the Raiders.

Assuming morning show host Joe Fortenbaugh is correct, it’s essentially a business decision that is motivating the station to ignore the Raiders.

They are basically saying Raider fans aren’t listening to the station – or at least the listener demographic overwhelmingly favors 49er fans.

Maybe that’s true, but it seems like a stretch and it flat-out stinks for fans in the area who are disappointed enough by the fact that the Raiders are leaving town in two years.

It’s highly unlikely (to me at least) that Raider fans have quit listening to 95.7 The Game and it brings up an interesting question…

What would it look like if Raider fans actually did stop listening?

It’s a wacky little development that may already be unfolding.

In all fairness, the Raiders will eventually be gone and 95.7 The Game may just be getting a jump on filling the void.

Still, there will always be a healthy contingent of Bay Area Raider fans and it seems unwise to alienate those fans so aggressively.

One last little tidbit. The Athletic’s Vic Tafur believes he may have been an agent of change on the matter.

“After that little Twitter storm I started the other night, the station and team have talked about getting along better. I think Gruden will bring them better ratings if they figure out how to schedule it around the Warriors and Jimmy G love.”

For the sake of Raider fans in the Bay who have already been through enough, lets hope he’s right.

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12 thoughts on “Is It Really A Wise Business Decision For 95.7 The Game To Ignore The Raiders?

  1. The only reason I listen to 95.7 is for Raiders commentary. They used to cover the Raiders constantly, and I couldn’t get enough. Now it’s Warriors, Warriors, Jimmy Jesus, and the Greatness of Kyle. We get far more than enough of that on KNBR, with fawning Larry and Gary and Bob and Rod. Why do we need two sports stations worshipping the same two teams and ignoring the Raiders? There is almost no baseball news on either station. I have started tuning into Jim Rome, though I can’t stand his rants, or listening to actual games whenever they’re on. I like the morning guys on 95.7 but I wish they’d turn to the Sliver and Black. If the station truly stops covering the Raiders, there’s no reason for me to listen to it.

    1. So they quit covering the Raiders because they are moving to Vegas. Guess what, the million or two Raider fans currently living within earshot of the station aren’t moving to Vegas with the team! Does 95.7 think they will suddenly become 9er fans? Most of them would rather eat broken glass than support Ned York’s Red and Gold. So who is going to provide the Raider coverage to fill the need? A station with smarter managers than 95.7 that’s who.

  2. I don’t listen to 95.7 the game anymore because there host stinks now. The station fired the best talent they hand in haberman&middlekauf. If I do decide to listen, it’s for Greg papa.

  3. The Morning Show specifically said, along with Raiders fans not listening, that another reason for them not covering the raiders so much is because they can’t get anyone to come on air with them. Lorenzo Neil was a raider. Dan Dibley “supposedly” long time Bay Area native. Joe Fart hails from the east coast, which really seems he’s not into working hard for raider fans and goes the easy route. Last, whats worse is they get offended when people call them out on it, i know If someone told me that I’m stepping up my game not making up excuses.

  4. I already deleted the app off my pho e and my cars stereo dial. I’m always trying in asking about more raiders talk. And so are my friends they choose to ignore us so I just don’t listen any more. I’m an A’s fan also and they don’t mention them either and they are the flagship of the A’s. This close to opening day and still no A’s talk. I’m done with them. The only time I will listen is during an A’s game if I’m not watching it or if I’m not at the game.

  5. I noticed the Raiders talk was gone around New Years. Haven’t listened to them since. Their morning show used to be good before the Jimmy G blowing. Can’t stand list Papa talking all things 49ers.

  6. I used to listen to 95.7 up until a couple of weeks ago, I had to turn off all the 49er & Warrior talk. How can you call yourself the flagship station of the Raiders and not talk about them. If you talk about Raiders, Raider fans will listen, but obviously they are setting themselves up for the future and ignoring a fan base that will always love their Raider team no matter where the team is at (just like always loving your mother no matter where she may live). I recently wrote 95.7 and told them the reasons why I will not be listening to them any further, I suggest others do likewise, state the fact that your a Raider fan and since there is not enough Raider content on the “Raider flagship” station, you will not be listening anymore. Hit em’ where it hurts- Ratings !!

  7. I noticed they stopped talking Raiders as often in January, I started listening to the NFL station on sirius radio more often around that time, I didn’t know it was on purpose. I guess I will delete my 95.7 the game app if that is the case; I don’t give a f*** about the Niner’s or warriors anyways.

  8. Thats pretty sad like raider fans haven’t been through enough. I only listen for Greg papa nowadays anyway but I hate that there is so much warrior content. I’m not a basketball fan. Just my opinion don’t mean to offend other warrior fans.

  9. I live in Florida, and the only reason I go to 95.7 (app) is to listen about my Raiders

  10. I listen to the station faithfully; at least, I used to. I definitely noticed that there has been much more Niner talk recently but chalked it up to the recent success and moves that organization has been making, but hadn’t heard them come right out and say they are purposefully ignoring my Silver and Black. I have tolerated most of the hosts just waiting for them to have guests on that will give me some Raider news, but that has dried up. I haven’t even heard Scott Bair on lately. Not a huge fan of the morning show anyway, so count me as a former listener. I will tune in for Papa. I really like Daryl “Guru” Johnson and REAL Raider fan, Rick Tittle but they aren’t on nearly enough for my taste.

    Farewell 95.7 The (San Francisco) Game.

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