Jay Glazer Critical Of Raiders Handling Of Tony Sparano

Yesterday, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer chimed in on the firing of Tony Sparano – specifically, the way the Raiders went about firing their interim head coach.

The Raiders still don’t understand the right way to do things. What I mean by that is Mark Davis did not call Tony Sparano to let him know ‘we’re firing you.’ Because he’s still employed. So it’s not that they haven’t hired him as their head coach, you’re firing him too. Mark Davis didn’t even bother calling. Somebody else called up Tony Sparano and said ‘Oh by the way, you’re let go, we’re going with Jack Del Rio.’


Though Glazer didn’t indicate specifically who called Sparano, only adding that it was one of his “senior guys.” Glazer went to on to say this.

There’s a better way to go about this. If that’s your guy and you’re doing the interviews, you call the man and say ‘thanks you so much for your service. We’re going in another direction.’ There’s a right way to do things, and the Raiders need to understand. Mark Davis needs to understand what that right way is.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Vic Tafur chimed in on the matter. Take it for what you will…


You can watch Glazer’s full segment here.