Report: Marc Trestman To Interview With Raiders

It’s been reported that Jack Del Rio has been targeting Marc Trestman and Mike Smith to join his staff. On Friday, Del Rio confirmed that he will meet with coordinator candidates over the weekend, but didn’t give any names. It appears one of those meetings will be with Trestman.


Mark Davis has indicated that Del Rio will have “all the resources he needs” to hire assistants, and Davis is known to be a fan of Trestman. It doesn’t seem far-fetched to think Trestman could end up in Oakland. He’s familiar with Del Rio, has a history with the Raiders, and would have an opportunity to work with Derek Carr – something he’d presumably welcome.

Trestman was a top coaching candidate when he joined the Bears, but after the disaster in Chicago, teams may be leery of him as a head coach. If he ends up in Oakland, Trestman could be on the scene longer than a guy like Adam Gase, who continues to be a top head-coaching candidate around the league.