Jerry Rice Says Raiders Should Hire Former Teammate as Next Head Coach

The Raiders might soon be looking for a new head coach and the greatest wide receiver of all time has offered an “ideal” candidate for the job.

Yes, Jerry Rice (not Hunter Renfrow) has spoken and he thinks the Raiders should welcome back fellow Hall of Fame wide receiver Tim Brown to coach the team.

“I think Tim Brown, Tim Brown would be ideal for the Raiders,” Rice told “You know, because he was the reason why I came across the bay because I always had admired him, not just because of his football skills – he’s a great person. His knowledge about the game, his knowledge of how to rally players around him and to do all of those things. I think Tim Brown would be ideal.”

Since retiring from football, Brown has added a gold Hall of Fame jacket to his closet, but he hasn’t been involved in any kind of NFL operations. He has been the General Manager and co-owner of a Champions Indoor Football League team, but that’s nothing close to an NFL level job. Brown has also worked for ESPN and hosts a weekly sports-talk show.

Just a guess, but as great as Brown was as a player, there won’t be anyone seriously considering him to coach an NFL team… other than apparently Jerry Rice.

But as far as former players potentially taking an executive-level position within the organization, ESPN’s Louis Riddick would make a great GM candidate. That is, if the Raiders are interested in doubling down and taking another coach from the Monday Night Football broadcast crew.

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44 thoughts on “Jerry Rice Says Raiders Should Hire Former Teammate as Next Head Coach

  1. Can we stop with who’s going to be the next head coach already? There’s 5 games to go, 1 game out of a playoff spot! The Raiders have played 6 really good games and 6 really lousy games thus far! Everyone is automatically thinking Vegas really is the lousy team, but most people only are happy thinking negative thoughts! If you’re a true fan support your team, support the players on the team and if this season, looking at every team, had shown us anything teams can go from, good to bad back to good again! I’m going to be an optimist and a realist as well anything is possible in the parody driven league! Let’s Go Raiders!!

      1. Business is business. Business owners are always thinking ahead. And without a good coach it puts his team and business in a bad position. Business doesn’t stop for Sal. Lol and talking about a real head coach that can make the Raiders a winner is just fine with me. If you want to talk about something talk about Carr being replaced. Lol

        1. Bill Romanowsky cheated with steroids which causes character in question we’ve already dealt with questionable character let’s move on. personally I think Anthony Lynn would be a great head coach for the Raiders he’s great with quarterbacks and he had a winning record when the Spanos family fired him. how do the chargers look now? Exactly

      1. Reggie Mckenzie was a great gm Brought some great talent in i think Louis Riddick deserves a shot Along with chiefs offensive coordinator Eric benemy as coach they’re our biggest treat in the west He definitely wouldn’t know how to pick them apart we also need a blitzing defensive coordinator they # tend to rank higher than base& cover 2 or 3 schemes

        1. I agree with you completely and again I’m pushing for Anthony Lynn he knows the AFC West competition well and again he had a winning record and works very well with quarterbacks and Lord knows Derek Carr needs a quarterback coach LOL

    1. Can i get an amen! Yesterday is done, cant change it. tommorow we may have a chance for better outcomes. Everybody wants to win, but **** happens. We’re still here, the real fans will be. Believe and who knows what can happen. Above all its still a game people. For entertainment!

    2. You are absolutely right remember Raiders were the first team to win a Superbowl being that wildcard position followed by the Ravens. As our great owner would say “,Just win baby.”

    1. We want wins , two decades of **** is enough we have all the first round drafts to win superbowls but it never works for the raiders in 20 years. Always excuses it’s a game of team play not individual stats or money.

      1. I agree we need wins I been a Fan since Jake the Snake, Jack Tatum, Atkinson, and Lester Hayes, we need that toughness back. Derrick Carr is not the answer at QB time to move on and get a new Defensive Coordinator they “Suck”

    2. Jay I’m with you 100% Sal needs meds 🤣 I’m a true Raiders fan and Im also not delusional the Hiring of Gruden paying that man an outrageous salary and giving him all of the control over drafts and players is the reason the Team is where they are now! Waisted how many 1st round picks by reaching and passing over proven top college picks as if his ego new better trading away Mac,Cooper the offensive line a complete idiot! And Yes Carr is a Coward! 8 yrs is enough cut the loss do not! Extended let him walk, I know everyone is going to say replace him with who, at this point it doesn’t matter we have Mariota to fill in until we find the right one he’s definitely a much better Athlete who won’t fold under pressure at least he will run! Bye Carr trade get some picks out of him before it’s to late.

      1. I can roll with you on that I think Mariota is more of a threat because of his ability to run and I think he’s matured well enough to know coverages far better than he did in Tennessee. Let’s trade car for some offense of lineman or some defense of help also our linebackers are a little suspect as well let’s go get Reggie McKenzie his job back

  2. If Mark Davis elects to clear the slate again, I hope that Louis Riddick get the opportunity to run football operations. Listen to him talk about his one year here as a player, and how much this organization still means to him. The fact he isn’t a GM yet in the NFL is a travesty.

    1. Alright, Nation… Let’s think about this. It’s just an article and it’s just kind of a what if thing. So that being said, who in their right mind would not want Tim Brown as our head coach? Tim Brown single handedly (along with Janikowski), got me through some of our darkest years. The guy never complained, never got busted on the freeway drunk with a loaded hand gun and five pounds of weed, and he never gave up! And as Raider fans we are loyal…we don’t give up on our team! I love you, Nation! RAIDER 4 LIFE!

      1. I love Tim Brown but he doesn’t have any head-coaching experience and the Raiders are not a training ground we are a top-notch program and I expect us to remain on that level I do like Louis Reddick as a GM though if we can’t get Reggie McKenzie back or at least make him an assistant

  3. I read your post quickly Sal, but as a retired journalist I totally enjoyed perfect spelling, punctuation and diction. Yes, let’s wait for the postseason for postseason talk.

    1. Nah ! Let’s not. This interim coach is not the answer. If Al Davis was around he would of already hired someone else with a winning record. In business you start looking ahead.

  4. Hell ya! Let’s go raiders! It’s time t stop f****n around and start kicking ***!! Let’s just win baby out the season!!! Rrrraaaiiideeerrrsss!!!!!

  5. We NEED A NEW OWNER! Sorry AL, but it’s true! When’s the last time anyone heard: “Just win baby, or commitment to excellence”?!
    My beloved RAIDERS have lost their mojo, sort of speak! We need a spark, or to bring us back to to the 70’s and 80’s of RAIDERS excellence!!
    Who’s up?!

  6. I’ve been a solid raiders fan since I can remember…..being of Hispanic heritage it’s almost RELIGIOUS to be a raider fan…..winning or not …I stay faithful….the game of football is a revolving sport as great players age out and new talent is always drafted…….as a team we are amidst a big rebuild….given some bad ” juju” with gruden and ruggs I think we are on our way to being great again ……we have a very young team with awesome talent….talent which has to be molded into greatness ! HELL THIS IS THE BEST SEASON RAIDERS HAVE HAD IN AWILE !….GO RAIDERS !

  7. The raidersbeatdown takes another report from someone else, they don’t have access to the team and must repost other reporters work. What do they do next is crap on the player WR Tim Brown, they do this just to get clicks.

  8. I agree with sal but at the same time I watched Tim Brown play football when I was kid and the Raiders Really need a couple Raiders from within to Make them successful again Like Al Davis would say Just win Baby Go Raiders .

  9. It’s obvious by our play lately that we are missing our coach. Kinda ironic that they just got beat by DelRio. There was so much hope for the raiders this season and a lot of their undoing was not in their control, unfortunately. I keep saying, maybe next year…here we go again.😥

  10. Carr is not the problem, he gets us the lead only to have the defense give up the game winning score….

  11. hey mark davis,just admit you screwed up & bring back Jack del Rio already! if he would have your sorry ***! really screwed up bringing back gruden!!

    1. I love Tim Brown but he doesn’t have any head-coaching experience and the Raiders are not a training ground we are a top-notch program and I expect us to remain on that level I do like Louis Reddick as a GM though if we can’t get Reggie McKenzie back or at least make him an assistant

      1. Greg Olson is the repeat of Gruden. It’s run run pass punt. He is so predictable with play calling. He has to go.

  12. The problem with this team is multi fold. They went into the season with basically a rookie and 3 back-up on the offensive line. Big mistake. The play calling especially, in the red zone, is horrible. The coaching overall is bad. They coach scared. Not aggressive enough. No blitzing and on the offensive side too much dinking and dunking in spite of what the stats say about the Raiders leading the league in 20+ yards passing. It seems that Carr does better with his back against the wall and is aggressive downfield. Also where is the screens? Not in the playbook? I thought the Chiefs showed the Raiders how to help their RT (Parker) when they chipped Crosby with Kelce and then released downfield. Gave Mahomes extra time to survey the field. They have to do that or have Carr take deeper drop or backpedal when reading defense. Another thing to learn from Chiefs. Carr himself is not the problem.

  13. I have read all of uour post. Lol very good post the REAL problem is the offense is sorry the play calling is sorry and the QB(Carr) is super sorry why not play back up qb more to confuse the defense. and the really need to get better plays fir the red zone. also throw the ball dn field moor they use Jackson as a decoy to many times… bottom line next yr I would really look at KC off coordinator as head coach he’s ready and please let Carr go.

    1. The QB we have as back up should be the starter. He has the legs and the tuffness let him play. Get that head coach from MICH. We all know who that is. Bye Carr U R done….

  14. The QB we have as back up should be the starter. He has the legs and the tuffness let him play. Get that head coach from MICH. We all know who that is. Bye Carr U R done….

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