Jon Gruden Doesn’t Sound Particularly Fond Of The Idea Of Signing Colin Kaepernick

Jon Gruden addressed a long list of questions with reporters on Tuesday morning in Orlando (you know he loves to do that), but one topic of national interest that happened to be brought up was Colin Kaepernick.

Gruden told reporters that he was “surprised” Kaepernick isn’t on a roster somewhere around the league, but also seemed to explain why he thought Kaepernick might not be on an NFL roster.

This was Gruden’s quote via Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

“I think there’s a lot of intrigue there. His performance on the field wasn’t very good on tape. I think Robert Griffin, a rookie of the year, I’m surprised he’s out there. Tim Tebow, he takes a team to the playoffs. There’s some surprise that he never came back. Johnny Manziel, he’s out there.”

”Back to Kaepernick, you know, he got beat out by Gabbert to start the season. I think that says something. I am surprised he’s not in camp with somebody. Probably will be soon.”

If Gruden really felt Kaepernick belonged on an NFL roster, the Raiders would be a logical option considering Gruden still hasn’t settled on a backup quarterback.

There were rumors last month that Gruden was open to signing Kaepernick (and that the Raiders were considering him), but the idea never really got past speculation.

Just a thought, but given Gruden’s full quote, it’s hard to feel like he is particularly impressed by Kaepernick as a quarterback – an assessment that seems to be happening a lot lately.

For better or worse, Kaepernick is probably not working in the NFL again anytime soon.

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    1. There is no drama with Kap. He is better than the other potential backup on our roster.

  1. Now is not the time to try a Kaepernick social experiment. We have enough going on and adding a distraction is the last thing we need. Let Kap go kneel for someone else…

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