Jon Gruden: I’m Old School, But I’m Not A Fool

Jon Gruden has surely heard enough about his “bringing the game back to 1998” comment and he took an opportunity on Thursday to talk about it.

Speaking to Raiders season ticket holders on a conference call, Gruden was asked how he would balance his old school approach with the data-driven technology available today.

This was Gruden’s response:

“I’m old school, but that doesn’t mean I’m a fool. We’re going to use the data at our discretion. We’re going to use it in terms of tendencies, and in terms of our technology, and how we put our game plans together.

We’re going to use technology for what it is, as a tool to help us win the game, but you will see some old school elements. You will see a fullback. You might even see a blocking tight end, and I don’t know why we wouldn’t have those things if we’re planning on handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch. You need these components to feature “The Beast,” and that’s what we’re doing to do.”

Gruden actually clarified his “back to 1998” statement a few months ago, as well. This was his explanation in March at the owners meetings in Orlando:

“I don’t know where we’re taking that 1998 quote. What we did in 1998 is we brought in a lot of veteran free agents at the beginning that were tough guys and leaders of their position… That’s what we’re trying to do now. We’re trying to bring in a work ethic like 1998, and I’m excited about it.”

Sorry, critics. The leather helmets and five-fullback formations aren’t coming back just yet.

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6 thoughts on “Jon Gruden: I’m Old School, But I’m Not A Fool

  1. Then why would you get rid of your best wide out and keep mr. Butterfingers Cooper for then if you wanted to win games just asking cause i would like at least one more superbowl in my lifetime thank you for your time

    1. Apparently there was a stretch where Crabtree and Carr weren’t even talking. Crabtree is nearly 30 years old. Cooper is around 23 years old. Cooper is already better than Crabtree and defenses show it with their coverages and personnel.

  2. Can’t believe this is still a story.
    Anyone that thought Gruden was being literal when he said the 1998 comment, is an idiot.
    Gruden is right up there with Belichick on preparation and staying ahead of the curve. He’s not going to dust off his old playbooks and hand them out to the team.
    He’s going to bring back elements of what worked in 98. He’s going to use lead blockers, and have those veteran players in place to push and teach the young guys.
    He’s a very prepared and pationate coach and he’s had the time over the past 9 years to really observe and study. That plays to his greatest strength, which is that preparation.
    He’s got a plan. No doubt about that.
    Can’t wait to see it play out.

  3. Jon Gruden is a man that has obviously tasted success in this league, and now he returns to us older and wiser.

  4. Gruden knows exactly what he’s doing, and I hope when we are successful these idiots will come out & say I guess we were wrong, but I’m sure they won’t, he gained so much intelligence on his Monday night gigs from visiting all the facilities that I think that he’ll use wisely, like I said he knows exactly what he’s doing,

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