Penn Says He Broke 4 Bones In His Foot, Calls Derek Carr A Tough S.O.B.

Donald Penn gets paid millions to protect Derek Carr’s blind side, but the Raiders’ 35 year-old left tackle is also one to guard his quarterback’s reputation.

Each of the Raiders past two season have been impacted by injuries to Carr, but Penn says anyone questioning Carr’s toughness doesn’t know his quarterback.

“One thing about DC, he’s a tough son of a b—-,” Penn told Michael Rapaport on Thursday. “He’s a tough mother f—–. They don’t know that, I know that. He’s a tough dude. He’s a tough, tough dude.”

Beyond Carr, Penn also talked about his own injury and offered details to how serious his foot injury was in the first place:

“I fractured like four bones in my foot and tore my Lisfranc. You’re the first person getting an update on my injury. I’m doing good. I’m doing everything that they want me to do… I want to do a lot more than they’re letting me, but I’m listening because I know they know what’s best.”

Penn’s foot injury occurred on December 17 against the Cowboys, but the Raiders seem optimistic he can be at full strength by training camp.

Speaking of tough dudes, Penn is another one. Prior to last year’s injury, Penn had started in 170 consecutive games spanning of 11 seasons.

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8 thoughts on “Penn Says He Broke 4 Bones In His Foot, Calls Derek Carr A Tough S.O.B.

  1. He changes his tone this year. Raider fans don’t forget from last season how he contributed to Carr getting injured in the first place with his protest mentality

    Cut this clown

  2. Dude that’s a rumor. Nobody in the online would let their brother DC get. Penn is a baller. Back injury happened because Del Rio let Musgrave go. Offense was disjointed on all levels. This year its on Raider nation. Chuckys back! Ain’t no half steppin!

  3. Tmason you are an idiot. Player protesting had nothing to do with Carr getting hurt, bad luck did. Donald Penn gave up one sack all year. That sack happened to be the sack where Carr got hurt, but of course Penn knew that Carr was going to break his leg on THAT particular play? Man slap yourself for saying that dumb ****. Out of all starting Qb’s with 200+ completeions, only Tom Brady(15) was sacked less than Derek Carr(16), and Brady missed 4 games in 2016 due to suspensions. Your stupidity REALLY is showing on this one here.

    1. The broken leg was before the protest. The broken back was after and tgat was more of a spear job by a Donkey I believe.

  4. No Tmason you’re not an idiot, it’s obvious what Penn is trying to do by complimenting Carr’s toughness. Any moron could easily see that he’s trying to get back in the good graces of the coaches and management because he’s afraid he’s going to get cut. I don’t need anyone else to tell me what I saw with my own eyes and I don’t believe in coincidences. Carr didn’t want to kneel and the o-line decided they didn’t want to protect him anymore. And honestly Penn’s play was starting to drop before the injury and we drafted 2 good tackles. The writing is on the wall Donald, it’s too late for compliments.

  5. TMason: It is because of “fans”like you (and I’m using that term loosely here), that we have so much crap going on in the entire league. I bet you haven’t been to not even one game last year, and probobly don’t watch them when televised unless you just happen to be in front of the TV. But you have a thousand unfounded opinions, and are not shy about hiding behind your PC’s screen and spouting off. Why is it that the most casual “fans” are the most opinionated ones….

  6. Have to call bs on Penn letting Carr get hurt. Protests or not, these guys contracts are packed full of incentives that put money in their pockets when they win games, playoff, limit sacks and hurries, etc. What it boils down to is poor schemes called by that close Downing who wasn’t ready to call an offense. Gruden will let Penn play this year while Miller polishes up his foot work and fundamentals. After this season Penn will be gone and hopefully all this nonsense that our line let Carr get his back broken.

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