Jon Gruden Sounds Like He Wants Michael Crabtree Back With The Raiders Next Year

Michael Crabtree was one of the known malcontents on the Raiders roster this season.

It was reported by a number of outlets that Crabtree most likely wouldn’t return next season, but if Jon Gruden’s words on Thursday were any indication, Crabtree isn’t out the door just yet.

Asked by Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group what players he was excited to work with, Gruden listed seven players – six of whom play on the offensive side of the ball, and one of which was Crabtree.

Gruden added that he hoped to “get the best out of Crabtree” and confirmed that he had briefly talked with Crabtree, but offered no additional details.

Gruden has been watching film rigorously in recent weeks and while Crabtree put forth questionable effort at times this season, he remains one of the most difficult redzone receivers in the league to defend – something that surely isn’t lost on Gruden.

So maybe don’t put a fork in Crabtree just yet.

It’s possible that after a few therapy sessions with ‘Chucky’, a few of the burned bridges in Oakland can be restored enough to get most of the key members of the band back together for another year.

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6 thoughts on “Jon Gruden Sounds Like He Wants Michael Crabtree Back With The Raiders Next Year

  1. It’s like boys dating girls…….. he’ll never let go of the sure pu$$y he has now unless he has another (better) surefire piece of *** to tag first.
    So, unless OAK lands a really good WR in free agency, Crabtree comes back.

  2. Crab coming back either way it goes. if you get a WR in free agency or not. They’re moving coop slot That means we need a 1 and a 2. 2 will be Crabtree. I home we get a Landry, Lee or Allen.. you got to spend to win

  3. All negativity aside, if that’s the going to be the Chucky + Crab plan, than all we can do is support the concept as Raider Nation should. Hopefully this new coaching staff steers the ship in the best direction for the Silver & Black and if indeed the Crab is on back on board for the 2018 season, then more power to everyone on board. Positivity always wins in my book. Cheers!

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