Do Jon Gruden’s Words On Marshawn Lynch Provide Any Insight Into His Status With The Raiders?

It sure seems like Marshawn Lynch, so far, is interested in returning to the Raiders next season and Jon Gruden, so far, seems interested in having him.

How things will play out between Lynch and Raiders is still in the determination phase which makes it only appropriate to pick apart Gruden’s always carefully crafted statements and search for clues.

Gruden offered his latest remarks on Lynch by way of the Bay Area News Group on Thursday.

Asked point blank if Lynch would be on the roster next year, Gruden offered this response:

“I don’t know. I bumped into him. Some of these players that live locally do come to the facility to get a workout, see the trainer. I’ve been downstairs and met several guys. I have talked to Marshawn briefly. We’ll see. We’ll keep everybody posted. Right now, he’s our leading ballcarrier. He’s our back, and we’re counting on him. Hopefully we get an opportunity to work together. That’s a man that has a lot of respect in this league as a player and I certainly have respect for him also.”

On one hand, Gruden said he doesn’t know. On the other hand, Gruden says the Raiders are counting on Lynch being back.

‘Chucky’ might be talking in circles a little on this one, but it does sound like the two have met… or bumped into one another… or whatever it was that caused them to meet.

One oddity in the ongoing Lynch stories are the multiple outlets that have reported a meeting soon to be held between Gruden and Lynch – something that evidently can’t even happen right now according to league rules.

How exactly are they supposed to get all this figured out without a meeting?

It could be that we’ll have to wait a little while before getting clarity on Lynch, but there is a $1 million roster bonus due to him on March 18 – not a whopping amount, but not a price the Raiders will particularly care to ignore, either.

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4 thoughts on “Do Jon Gruden’s Words On Marshawn Lynch Provide Any Insight Into His Status With The Raiders?

  1. Might be able to steal a RB like Sony Michel in round 3 this year, depending on how the draft goes. Washington is useless – too small, poor vision. Richard is good, but I would give him only a few more games to prove he won’t fumble it every other touch. Lynch has 1 more year max, so we need to groom a true RB1 right now.

  2. Lynch is too special to be part of a team.

    The occasional “Beast Mode” play is hardly worth the plethora of less than two yard carries from a “power back”

    Let him be someone else’s headache.

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