Josh Norman Calls Out Amari Cooper, Says Richard Sherman Was Right About Michael Crabtree

Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree combined for only 13 yards on two receptions against the Redskins on Sunday night.

After the game, All-Pro Cornerback Josh Normal put both Raiders wide receivers on blast.

“You don’t come in here and say what you’re going to put up on somebody. 200 yards? Did he even catch two balls? He only caught one, huh,” Norman said. “Don’t come out here and tell me what you’re going to do. Show me. You’re gonna have to run through me to get that and we ain’t lettin’ that happen. So whatever that young cat said, Coop, go on and take it back.”

Norman then moved on to Crabtree…

“Crabtree, I have nothing to say to you… Sherm was right. He say he was sorry, but I don’t think he was sorry. I think he sucked.”

For Cooper, Sunday night was his second consecutive disappearing act from the Raider offense (he tallied just 33 yards against the Jets in week two), and after three games the Raiders third-year receiver has caught only 10 of his 23 targets for 101 yards.

Cooper does, however, lead the NFL in a one offensive statistic – dropped passes. His six dropped passes in 2017 are already more than he totaled a year ago.

Next week, the Raiders travel to Denver where they’ll face a secondary considered to be even better than the Redskins.

The loser of that game will drop to third place in the AFC West.

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5 thoughts on “Josh Norman Calls Out Amari Cooper, Says Richard Sherman Was Right About Michael Crabtree

  1. I was there. I spent good money to watch a horrible game. Right from the start the Raiders looked…..unprepared. Del Rio this sits squarely on your shoulders. I don’t know what you’ve been feeding this team but it’s been too sweet. Frankly I’d bench Cooper, he needs a serious wake up call. And our new O coordinator just got his. That was the sorriest Raider game I’ve seen in a while. Raider Nation showed up in force and and we were laughed out of the stadium. Thanks guys.

    1. Thanks for supporting Raider Nation over on the east side. Raiders for life! Watching the game on tv was very ugly as well. At times it seemed like they knew which plays we were running. I understand we have Denver next week. But not preparing for an East coast game? Those are always tough. Our coaches left us all hanging. Abandoning the run can’t happen with this team. It’s what makes our passing game so dynamic. When they knew we were throwing they completely shut our best receivers down. Tough loss. Those will happen again if we decide to overlook our opponent. On to a division foe. RAIDERS!

  2. raiders were more concerned about kneeling and calling out donald trump than playing football.

    the team looked like a joke against the skins

    raiders better get their heads out of ther behinds and focus on football and not politics

  3. To Amari’s defense I would like to hear the tape. I haven’t heard anything from Amari bragging about what he’s gonna do. Crabtree on the other hand yeah I can see it. Looks like Josh Norman running off at the mouth like a Samsung commercial. As for the team in general we played like a JV football team. Our offense was soft and our defense was lack there of…again. We had opportunities to obtain decent talent on defense and picked up nothing in return. Until we have a different defensive scheme we will continue to be mediocre

  4. Man y’all played like **** stop hyping yourselves up I’m a raider fan and if u sorry your just fkn sorry was Derrick Carr what the hell he was throwing and the offensive line big grown *** men just giving up giving up like last year agains Houston

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