Derek Carr Stands, Prays During The National Anthem

While many of his teammates sat in protest during the national anthem last night in Maryland, Derek Carr stood and prayed.

The Raiders quarterback has taken criticism and praise for not joining the contingent of teammates that sat during the anthem – with some even suggesting his decision to stand was responsible for his poor play against the Redskins.

To anyone who has followed Carr, it should come as no surprise that he’d stand and pray in that moment.

Carr has said in the past that he’ll stand for the anthem and considering his conviction in the power of prayer, you can safely assume he believes there’s no more effective measure he can take to bring together a divided nation.

If league-wide protests are truly about promoting positive change (which to most, I believe they are), the most productive response from their supporters will be to accept different forms of support and encourage an environment where players can show their unique support – each according to their convictions.

For Carr, that means standing for the flag in prayer – and that should be alright with everyone.

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25 thoughts on “Derek Carr Stands, Prays During The National Anthem

  1. Carr stood for the national anthem, and his despicable o-line refused to block for him. It was their worst performance in years. That is not a coincidence. Disgusting…

    1. It makes you wonder. Thanks for posting this, because I had never thought about it. But After watching the horrible offensive performance, I can honestly say that I agree with you.

  2. I understand what he meant by doing what he did. But, at this time, it would have been better to sit in solidarity with his teammates.

    I wonder if that had anything to do with the team’s, including his, horrible performance last night. I suspect it did. If Derek had decided to sit with his teammates, there likely would have been more of an attitude of brothers-in-arms against the hatred being spewed out by Trump and the outcome might have been different.

      1. That’s what I’m afraid of. That blue chip offensive line didn’t look quite so committed to keeping his butt clean in the game once the national anthem was done.

        I was aware that his Christian evangelism wasn’t a big hit with a number of his teammates to begin with. But this goes beyond that. I just hope this doesn’t affect the team moving forward. We could have problem of divisiveness on the team from here on.

          1. Yeah, but are they all evangelical Christians? Hey tend to rub even mainstream Christians the wrong way.

            Just sayin—

    1. Derek Carr did what was right. You stand for the National Anthem period!!!! It makes me sick that the people I took an oath to protect, would spit on every man and woman who died fighting for our nation.

      1. Ron,

        As long as you take on the old saw of minorities just sitting around, looking for every opportunity to game the system, rather than having to live every day with a prejudice against them that you espouse so well with this remark, you’re right. You’ll never get it and this problem will never be solved.

  3. Having served in the military for this great country it was Derek’s choice to stand for the anthem which I’m ok with. I am also ok with and understand why the players sat.

    1. Interesting how it seems that vets have more understanding for those protesting than people that never served in the armed forces.

    2. So who would you agree with more? There has to be one which has more weight on it than the other. If not, then you are talking like a politician, trying to please both sides.

  4. Though it’s an important issue, it just showed our team is not good enough unless they are totally focused on playing football. Hopefully, Penn said this protest will be an one time thing so let’s see them beat the Broncos coming Sunday. Go Raiders!

  5. What are they proving by disrespecting the flag. There *** would not be able to play this great game of football if it were not for people dying for and defending that Flag. Find a better way to show soldidarity. Respect America and it will respect you.

    1. Respect is EARNED not GIVEN FREELY! Cops are disrespecting – even brutalizing and killing – African Americans in too many situations. That’s the point of the protests.

  6. The players that kneel during the anthem are trying to bring awareness to the way people of color, specifically how black people are treated in the USA, and it’s working. They’re not trying to disrespect anyone or anything, people who criticize must not truly understand what it’s like not to be white in some parts of America.

    1. Oh that’s B.S.! Disrespectful to our Veterans, our country, and their fans. If they want to protest let them do it on their time not while I’m watching my football. Equality my a**! 70% of the NFL is African American. We should listen to Trump and stop supporting these punks. I’m done watching football and I’m going after their sponsors as well. We should all support our Veterans and stop supporting the NFL.

      1. Let’s talk about respecting a military that engages in wars of choice, starting with Korea all the way up to Afghanistan. There’s NOTHING respectable about violating international law and human rights just so we can enrich the weapons industry or get our hands on another country’s resources.

        Sorry, but that’s the inconvenient truth about our military today.

      2. Don’t watch football then. These players are human beings with rights to voice their opinions. Just like you have the right to feel the way you do. There are things wrong in this country and their actions are working because its making the conversations happen wether good or bad. It’s time to feel uncomfortable!

      3. That would make him a conformist. This, in addition to being determined and NOT free

        Wouldn’t It be nice and increase respect if the African- American community would focus on the progress that they HAVE MADE. But what would the Jesse Jackson’s of society have to yell and complain about?

        1. The African-American community has remained largely quiet before police brutality became an issue. African-Americans have lived with discrimination, or worse, as a daily part of their lives for centuries. But, now things have gone too far, particularly with the racist behavior shown by our President, who has forced the community to speak out.

          If Trump had just kept his **** mouth shut, this wouldn’t have grown to what it’s become.

          1. I DO AGREE with this ENTIRE TRUMP thing. But do believe that ALL of the so-called “white: population do NOT HAVE all of the PRIVILEGES, MONIES, AND FAIRNESS that others may think they have. That bottom line is that TRUMP SHOULD HAVE KEPT HIS IGNORANT, ONE-SIDED COMMENTS TO HIMSELF as Should AL SHARPTON. BOTH are REBEL ROUSERS. And we wonder why our country is so divided. God bless us all.

          2. White privilege doesn’t necessarily translate to white power and money. It just means that it’s much easier to acquire those things if you’re white than if you are a person of color, particularly African American. The crux of the race problem is that too many white people have NOT made it in our society and have been persuaded to believe that it’s because of all the privileges they believe are accorded minorities but not themselves. This is false, but it allows the powers-that-be, the REAL cause of the problem, to distract and manipulate poor whites for their own selfish purposes.

          3. Have you ever heard about an employer having to “meet the quota?” Or hiring “minorities? Can one HONESTLY say that this iS NOT discrimination in ANY way, shape, or form?
            One can go on and on and on with this but ,let’s face it, this will NEVER change if the so called “left wing” people are FORCING OTHERS to AGREE WITH or FORCING OTHERS to confirm TOTALLY with their ideas and beliefs.

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