JT The Brick: Back Injury To Blame For Derek Carr’s Difficult Season

Something wasn’t right with Derek Carr this season.

There was a problem (or problems) that affected Carr’s season that have never gone public and maybe never will.

There are theories – and even conspiracy theories – but many within the Raiders organization believe the back injury Carr suffered in week four was the turning point in his season.

JT The Brick, who hosts the Raiders official podcast, is one of the believers in the broken back theory.

Speaking to Mile High Sports 1340 AM on Wednesday, this is what JT had to say on Carr…

“Yeah, I asked him that and I think it was the injury. I really do. I think when you break bones in your back, it was a six- to eight-week injury — I mean, look what happened to Tony Romo and other guys that have similar injuries — and he rushed back in two weeks. I think that was a mistake. They should have shut Carr down last year for a good six, seven weeks.”

We may never know the impact Carr’s broken back had on his season, but it’s fair to assume it was a factor. He surely didn’t want to take another hit to the affected area.

Apart from the back injury, Carr and the Raiders also endured a myriad of other distractions going all the way back to training camp.

Right out of the gate, anything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong.

Carr compared this season to his rookie season when the Raiders started the season 0-10, but this one seemed to toll on him more.

My good advice for him?

Take a week or two to clear your head and get healthy. Come back energized and ready for the best offseason of your life with Jon Gruden.

And last but not least, it’s time to make the switch to whole milk, Derek. My family goes through four gallons a week. It’s thicker, but goes down smooth and most importantly it builds strong bones!

Or at least that’s what the commercials say.

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