Raiders Inside Man Doesn’t Believe Marshawn Lynch Will Return Under Jon Gruden

When asked Tuesday about bringing Marshawn Lynch back next year, Jon Gruden sounded open to the idea.

No one knows what the 31 year-old Lynch plans to do after the season, but at least one Raiders source doesn’t think Lynch will want to retun.

Speaking on 1340 AM Mile High Sports in Denver, J.T. The Brick – who is the host of the Raiders official podcast – said on Wednesday that he doesn’t think Lynch will want to play for Gruden.

“I don’t think Marshawn Lynch will be back. I don’t think he’s going to buy in to how intense Gruden is.”

For what it’s worth, Lynch would not have returned under Jack Del Rio’s watch either.

J.T. The Brick also said he believes NaVorro Bowman will be re-signed by the Raiders and maybe a little surprisingly added that he thinks Bruce Irvin (who is still under contract) will not be brought back.

Irvin got off to a slow start in 2017, but played at Pro Bowl level after the firing of defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

There’s much to be determined, but it sounds like there’s a chance the Raiders defensive roster might be blown up – and the Gruden era could kick off with a spending spree in free agency.

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9 thoughts on “Raiders Inside Man Doesn’t Believe Marshawn Lynch Will Return Under Jon Gruden

  1. Scru Lynch. If he doesn’t feel like he’s “the biggest dog on the porch” he’ll turn into an a-hole and become a locker room cancer, just like this season. I love his runs and had he been in a power scheme all year he could have had 1200 yards and 18 TD’s. Irvin deserves a chance to come back, however….

  2. I still think Raiders fans are expecting too much. Sure, Gruden could be the football version of the Second Coming, presumably having honed his coaching skills over the past nine years despite his being out of coaching. But the odds are against it. Scott Ostler said it best when he commented that Gruden has been a good coach when he’s had good players and a poor coach when he’s had poor players. He’s had some great years, but he’s also had 3 miserable years in Tampa Bay and two mediocre years (his first two) in Oakland.

    The most reasonable, optimistic scenario for next year would have the Raiders returning to the playoffs at 9-7 (maybe) or 10-6 (likely), but not going very far. If they can build off of that the following season, i.e. have a better record and go deeper into the playoffs, Mark Davis will probably have what he needs for a big splash when they make the move to Vegas. But, this is far from assured. The defense is still ranked near the bottom of the league, and there’s the issue of getting Derek Carr back to what he was last year and not wind up like his brother, David. If Davis doesn’t deliver a team ready to vie for the Super Bowl when he reaches Vegas, all bets are off on his being able to keep the Raiders a viable and attractive entity. And Davis will likely default on the $1 billion debt that he’ll have to service (stadium + coaching and personnel costs mostly). Or we could see end of Mark’s tenure in the NFL.

  3. Had Bruce Irvin not closed the season in such dynamic fashion, it could easily be said Irvin’s entire tenure in Oakland was a disappointment. His recruiting aside, Irvin has never lived up to the hype. Marshawn would destroy defenses!!! What would Beast Mode have run for with Jon Ritchie paving the way. I just don’t see Marshawn being able to deal with the dark side of Chucky. It’ll be a sad day if 2 men who love Oakland & the Raiders can’t find a way to work together to give the fans the storybook ending they deserve.

  4. Although I would like to see Irvin stay, he needs to be more consistent throughout the season. And I would love an spending spree spent on D!

  5. I agree Marshawn might not be back. He has trouble taking hinslf serious and might not have fun like he wants to under Gruden. As good as I think he can still be. He played well second half of the season and runs with passion. I like that. Lynch was not the problem with this team. Dtackle, secondary, drops, Carr, secondary, linebackers, all were more to blame than Lynch.

    Bruce Irvin might not be back. I would like to keep him but only to rotate with another true defensive end and not a linebacker playing DE. Raiders need more size on defensive line. I hope they draft interior lineman so replacing Irvin this year might not be huge priority. There are solid Dtackle prospects coming from WA, AL, etc that would add size and true big guy in the middle. Vita Vea is like 6” 5 and over 300. Payne has size too. Some guys won’t want the intensity, I wonder who those will be.

    I’m not concerned about any position as much as QB. I hope and pray Carr capitalizes with Gruden. Him and Gannon would jaw at each other. But, it was for a common goal. Hope Carr does not take it personal. Carr has all of the skills, and you don’t find out about necessary intangibles until Superbowl runs.

    Al this being said. I believe the Raiders are in better position for long term success than in 1998. All of the players except CWood were older then. Brown, Rice, Garner, Gannon, RWoodson, etc. their window was small. With Carr, Mack, hopefully Joseph and Conley. The Raiders have a chance find lightning in a bottle. If, everything falls into place. Nothing is guaranteed.

  6. Lynch probably wouldn’t want to play for Gruden because his antics won’t be tolerated . No more video crews following him around . No more taking days off to go film his web show while everyone else is putting in work and no more running onto the field from rhe bench to rescue Marcus Peters .
    Irvin is a sulker . He likes things his way but Pags seemed to curb that so he may be fine with Jon . Pete Carrol isn’t as amiable as he looks .

  7. The sooner they cut ties, the better. You don’t want this issue to linger around too long. It is just a major major distraction. Lynch is a great talent but for a new coach, the negatives outweigh what he brings on the field. Need a clean slate with everybody on board. TEAM FIRST.

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