JT The Brick: I Think The Raiders And Khalil Mack Will Agree Long Term

Khalil Mack and the Raiders don’t seem to be making any progress on a new deal (at least that’s what reports are saying) and on Tuesday afternoon, Fox Sports Radio host (and Raiders team employee) JT The Brick offered a reason why contract talks have been dragging along lately.

Following the same approach the Raiders used to navigate Donald Penn’s holdout a year ago, JT says the Raiders are not negotiating with Mack until he returns to the team.

This was the bulk of JT’s quote on Mack’s holdout during a segment Tuesday on San Diego’s Mighty 1090 AM:

“Jon Gruden told me exclusively last week that he spoke to Mack after he got the job. He gave him a call, they had a good conversation. Since then, there’s been no communication because the agent for Khalil Mack is a hard-nosed agent and he’s keeping his client at bay, and rightfully so if he wants to do that. Reggie McKenzie, the GM, will not negotiate with anyone unless they are in camp. He proved that last year with Donald Penn, who held out for more than 25 days. I think everything is going to be fine with Khalil Mack. Do people forget he’s still under contract? The Raiders have options with him long term. I know that the Raiders want Mack. He’s a brilliant player… I think the Raiders and [Mack] will come to an agreement long term.”

For what it’s worth, JT also raised the idea that there might be some hesitation on the part of the Raiders to give two players a contract along the lines of what Derek Carr was given a year ago.

Naturally, the Raiders would enter a delicate cap situation by extending Mack, but Mark Davis has been clear that he’s determined to win now. The way to drive that point home wouldn’t be to trade away a future Hall of Famer in his prime.

What that could mean, however, is that the Raiders may be content waiting another year before extending Mack – an option that wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be particularly well received by Mack.

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6 thoughts on “JT The Brick: I Think The Raiders And Khalil Mack Will Agree Long Term

  1. Whenever Mack returns, I wonder just how much catching up he will need to do to acclimate to Guenther’s defense, how long it will take him and how his play will be effected until he does.

  2. I’m thinking that’s way they want penn to take pay cut. I’m thinking just guarantee what he’d make this year and under 2 franchise tags prob around 55 million. I believe the raiders drafted well enough this year to be able to withstand another big contract, I will not be surprised if we drafted a future starter with every selection. If Conley and melifonwu were at ceiling ir would be much easier. No problem making #8-#14 qb top payed player, but have problem making #1 edge top payed edge????wtf

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