Packers GM: We’re Going To Have Conversations, Especially With A Player Of That Ability

Khalil Mack might not be on the trade block, but general managers around the league want to hear it first hand from Reggie McKenzie.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman said teams have already been calling and Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst came as close to saying he would inquire as NFL rules would allow.

“I would give Reggie a call anyways, whether he was or wasn’t [available],” Gutekunst, who is good friends with McKenzie, told ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. “We’re going to kind of have conversations about everything. There’s some things that maybe don’t make sense for us as a team-building thing, but we’re going to have conversations, especially with a player of that ability. But those players on other teams, I guess we’re not really supposed to talk about those guys.”

As of now, the Packers are the only team with two first-round picks in next year’s draft and while a trade won’t happen now, it’s anyone’s guess where negotiations between Mack and the Raiders could be headed after the season.

Which brings up another question. In the case that Mack isn’t re-signed very soon, what would Mack’s trade value look like after the season? The conversation would have to start with a couple first picks and probably another top pick from there.

Of course, the better option is still the same…

Just pay the man!!!

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2 thoughts on “Packers GM: We’re Going To Have Conversations, Especially With A Player Of That Ability

  1. Of course pay the man, how could you not, teams always has angles to get these kinda things done, this man (52) just makes the whole team better & with our new lineman it would definitely benefit Mack, this man is worth just as much or more than Von Miller, this is getting to a point where Mack is gonna get ticked off & not even play for us, jezz Reggie get your pen out & end this saga,

    1. **** Mack and his agent. He should be out there because he’s under contract. He should at least be in Oakland as if he anticipates being back with the team. It’d be nice if he were back but…
      **** Mack and his agent for trying to hold out for ransom $.
      Im a Raider fan not a mack fan

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