Karl Joseph Headed For A Reserve Role In The Raiders Secondary?

What in the world is going on with Karl Joseph?

The Raiders first pick in the 2016 draft (14th overall) has been a bit of an enigma in his first two seasons and 2018 is apparently not drifting far from the status quo.

Joseph didn’t start in the Raiders all important third preseason game and even insiders closest to the team are spouting off mixed signals on Joseph’s status with the team.

A week ago, it looked like Joseph was the only sure thing the Raiders had going at safety.

“In the past I’ve said I thought [the safety position] was a rotation of Karl Joseph, Reggie Nelson, and [Marcus] Gilchrist,” Tafur said last week on his State of the Nation podcast. “I kind of get the sense now that Karl is pretty much set there, so I think Reggie and Gilchrist will be rotating at safety. Erik Harris is also in the mix.”

Fast forward a week and Tafur says not so fast on all the good Karl Joseph vibes making the rounds.

“The 2016 first-round pick did not start against the Packers, as former special teamer and Gruden favorite Erik Harris lined up at safety alongside Marcus Gilchrist,” Tafur wrote on Saturday. “It’s not set in stone, but I think the coaching staff thinks Karl Joseph is too small and doesn’t make enough plays. Harris does seem to get a better jump on the ball.”

Whatever is going on with Jospeh, the reports are at least inconsistent – and the same can probably be assumed of Joseph’s play. What other reason would lead the coaching staff to yank Joseph in the final dress rehearsal before the season opener?

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17 thoughts on “Karl Joseph Headed For A Reserve Role In The Raiders Secondary?

  1. Just look at their measurables, Joseph is listed at 5’10 205, small height and low weight for what Chuckie and Guenther want to do. Harris is 6’3 225 and more of a playmaker while Joseph is more of an enigma in that he’s a thumper but an undersized one at that, although he did have his fair share of pics at WVU. This new regime may look into what they can get for Joseph on the trade market, maybe save some money in the process.

  2. I like Karl’s upside but the RAIDERS have to put their best on the field, if that’s not Joseph then so be it!

  3. The new rule is killing “undersized Thumper Safety’s”…they need to be bug enough to tackle via new rules. Harris fits the bill. I’m not dwelling on past draft first and 2nd rd mistakes, as it looks like we got 5 first round talents in this draft at least 4…Milker,Hall,Key,Hurst and maybe Nelson…

    1. 5 first round talents? Really? I’m a Raiders fan but let’s be honest with ourselves. Don’t be that obnoxious Jorge.

  4. What happen to Reggie supposely being a draft genius? I think he should be on the hot seat and have one foot out the door.

    ✌🏼 Reggie

    1. Don’t be moronic – Reggie could not have foreseen the NFL’s rule changes three years ago – Joseph known for his ferocious hitting is now more limited due to his relative size. Wow, some people’s children

    2. Couldn’t agree more! Why haven’t people been asking for his job?!?
      Reggie doesn’t know how to draft and evaluate talent. Or coaches for that matter prior to MD recruiting JG! We finally have a great coaching staff that can get the most out of talent and knows when to cut bait on those that don’t..

    3. @Kevin – You hit the nail on the head! McKenzie’s picks since the 2015 draft are falling off the team one after another. A decent portion of those picks are completely out of the NFL altogether! You can’t have such a high swing-and-miss rate and expect to build a solid team. He’s a disgrace!

  5. Hey…the best players are the ones who make plays and they should always be the starters, no matter who was drafted where. As far as the other high drafted safety is concerned with Obi being waived, he was always injured and as I always say, the best players are the available players!
    Ps: pick up another QB…from ANYWHERE!!

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