Raiders Said To Be Dragging Their Feet On Khalil Mack In Part Because Of Arden Key

Of all the bad reasons not to extend Khalil Mack’s contract, the Raiders may be standing on one of the worst.

According to Dieter Kurtenback of the San Jose Mercury News, the Raiders haven’t been in a particular rush to come to terms with Mack in part because of the emergence of Arden Key.

Hopefully this is an example of very fake news because it’s both reckless and illogical. If anything, it sounds more like an “at least we weren’t caught with our pants all the way down” explanation for why the Raiders don’t have, in Gruden words, their “best player” with only 15 days to the season opener.

What’s really keeping Mack from signing a new deal is money – not an unproven third-round draft pick with a history of off-field problems.

Whether it’s real money (as in Mark Davis can’t afford to write the check) or salary cap constraints, the Raiders are obviously willing to wait Mack’s situation out. The consensus seems to be that Mack will show up when the game checks start rolling in, but considering the Raiders face the Rams’ potent offense right out of the gate, it would be nice if Mack had a few minutes to learn Paul Guenther’s scheme before popping on the shoulder pads.

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15 thoughts on “Raiders Said To Be Dragging Their Feet On Khalil Mack In Part Because Of Arden Key

  1. This is the most absolutely ridiculous spins on the Mack holdout from a Raiders fan, standpoint. Let’s begin with the fact that waiting to do so because of Arden Key is unfounded because of the body of work. Key has little to none, simply put. The idea that any organization could do this, not withstanding, is beside the point of this conversation, and detrimental to a franchise and its upper management’s core. It’s almost like saying, if we can’t save money doing this, then we’ll save money by firing all the president’s men. Thus, all the remaining key members of the cabinet will have their jobs, salaries and positions solidified/modified to aid in rebuilding the organization for their tenured terms (dare, I say ten years??). Let’s throw rationale and logic out the window per say, and look at Key getting injured, heaven forbid. Enough of the negative cons, let’s look at the pros, we have already had team player Donald Penn agree to a pay cut to help with the short-term remedy, along with all the other cuts and releases accumulating to add to this. In addition, the long-term financial’s (next year’s 42 million surplus) will reward Mack’s indisputable body of work and his place in the high cabinet of Raider elite. He has been consistent, durable and an elite game-changer. There is no substitute. Arden Key is in a rookie contract and a potential future substitute and additional insurance policy. A potential contingency plan, so to speak.

    Philly Raider

  2. Honestly I figured it was the three draft picks they got in Maurice hurst, PJ Hall and Arden Key. All projected first round talent. Not to mention the sudden emergence of Shalique Calhoun. If there past rush is dominant without Mack why would they want to spend 60 million guaranteed money and 20,000,000+ per year on one player. That makes perfect sense to me.

  3. No it is not – Mack IS UNDER CONTRACT – the overriding principle here is Reggie negotiates when a contracted player shows up to camp. Mack needs to get his posterior into camp now – get paid and live happily ever after – this whole thing is agent driven greed vs. a salary cap limited NFL team. No one player is greater than the sum of its parts – he needs to get here now if he hopes to play in regular season. Oakland Raiders can just do nothing, fine his *** and keep him bottled up for the next 3 seasons. If he does not play – he doesn’t get paid!

  4. They should take some of that 100,000,000 from Gruden and pay the man! We need him no matter what anybody says!

  5. Stupid is right. You don’t kick the tires on a proven commodity like Mack, there’s a lot of bullshit going around rt now, to be expected, I don’t know who these “beat writers” are paid by so I pay these fools no mind. I mean how dumb do they thinking this organization is? Only a buffoon would rt some of this **** i here

  6. If anyone has backed Khalil Mack into a corner, it’s his own agent. The 5th year option of his rookie deal is this season. If he misses too many games, the NFL will toll his contract and 2018 will not count as an accrued season. Those are the CBA terms. If Mack and his agent are waiting for the Rams and Aaron Donald to agree on a new contract, Donald may likely sign on the eve of the season. It would leave Mack still on the sidelines by missing the season opener with the Rams.

    The other nonsense talk is a blockbuster trade. Before that can happen, the Raiders still would need to sign Mack to a new contract and have that trade partner buy into the new deal. The trade partner will need to give up multiple draft picks (#1, #2) from 2 or 3 drafts, money, and maybe quality players.

    It is no secret the Raiders and Mack know what kind of money would be in a new contract – base salary, incentives and guaranteed money. Timing was always the question mark. The new contract will get done. Mack has to follow the advice of Charles Woodson, “be ready, in shape when you come back.”

  7. All of us are Khali Mack fans.
    He is a top caliber player in all phases of defense at his position. Two positions really.
    He is a leader on the field and in the community

    The Raiders will soon cut to their 53 man roster and practice squad. All of those players, coaches, management, ticket sellers, etc are working each day toward a common goal. A commitment to excellence

    Warren Buffett once gave the advice to Alex Rodriguez “negotiate with the Yankees directly”.
    He had a new contract on the same day he walked through the door.

    Reggie and Khali should get together for dinner sometime soon and work a solution that is beneficial to all. If not, than Mack should be traded to another team.

  8. Interesting opinion, but absolutely misguided and ridiculous. This started in Feburary, the last time a deal was floated, 3 months before the draft, 6 months before anyone saw Arden Key in a Radiers uniform.

    Has Key had a great camp? Yes. But to put out there that an unproven rookie has upset the balance of arguably the best edge player in the game? Come on.

    This is negotiations, as an organization the Radiers are setting a tone, maybe a little like the Steelers “We will not be bullied into extensions”

    Carr’s camp handled his extension totally different, he promised to be at camp with or with out a deal done, but made it clear that he wanted a deal done by the season opener. That is why I believe he got it done.

    Reggie has always seemed to be a really upfront GM, and seems to be a guy who always acts in good faith. It would have been interesting to see if Mack would have played it like Carr if a deal wouldn’t be getting finalized.

  9. Arden Key hasn’t done jack diddley crappola.

    All BS media.

    Mack better not be going anywhere.

  10. Mark Davis, Reggie McKenzie and Jon Gruden… pay Mack #52 the money he deserves. If the shoe was on the other foot, what would you do? You could looking at one of the formidable defenses in the with Mack #52 and the off season acquisitions added.

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