Khalil Mack Among Those Surprised The Raiders Didn’t Sign More Defensive Help

If you thought the Raiders were going to make more of a defensive splash in free agency, you weren’t the only one surprised when it didn’t happen. Even Khalil Mack thought it was going to happen.

“That was a shocker for everybody,” Mack told Vic Tafur of The Athletic. “I know Bruce (Irvin) and I talked about it a lot. Yeah, that was unexpected. But those guys upstairs know what they’re doing. We trust in them. And not only that, but we’re all we’ve got and we’re all we need. That’s kind of how I look at it. We’re rolling with whoever is out there, and those 11 guys on the field are going to do whatever we can to be great.”

Nevertheless, Mack believes the defense has “gotten a lot better” since their up-and-down season of a year ago. The Raiders ended 2016 among the bottom 10 teams in the league in total defense, giving up fewer yards than only six teams – San Francisco, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Washington, Miami, and New Orleans.

On Sunday in Tennessee, the Raiders will face one of their toughest defensive tests of the season in Marcus Mariota and the Titans vaunted rushing attack.

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7 thoughts on “Khalil Mack Among Those Surprised The Raiders Didn’t Sign More Defensive Help

  1. It is what it is at this point. We’re set up to go all in & really solidify the defense this offseason tho. Watch what Reggie does to the defense this offseason. We’ll get a LB. Another DB. Watch!!!!

    1. Two years ago they added a lot of pieces to the defense but in all honesty can anyone say the quality of those pieces were equal to what was added on offense? Is it time to lay the responsibility at the feet of the GM and/or the coaches? Lets see what happens with Pagano in the mix.

  2. I’m thinking DelRio and McKenzie put alot of the blame on Norton Jr. It seems alot of defensive players were out of position slot of times…..We bring in a defensive guru in John Pagano to see if having the defense positioned in the right place makes a big difference , also saves money for next year when we have to pay Mack52

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