Teammate Says Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch Already Like Brothers

Lost in headlines mostly dominated by injuries, contract disputes, and legal drama, a story has been developing in the Raiders locker room that deserves more attention. It’s the story of the NFL’s newest odd couple – Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch. Two peas that couldn’t come from more different pods.

When Lynch signed with the Raiders, many wondered how he and Carr would co-exist. It seemed like a gamble. Forget film sessions, Beast Mode and Preach Mode were more likely to need Dr. Phil sessions, right?

Not so much.

“They’re like brothers,” says Donald Penn, who spoke on the Carr/Lynch dynamic with NFL Network’s Mike Silver. “They’re always competing about something, talking trash to each other.”

What does Lynch playfully harass his quarterback about? “Mostly, just for being white,” Lynch said in the feature.

Lynch and Carr joke during a preseason game. (photo @gmfb)

“He calls me out,” Carr said of Lynch. “I’ll sail one in practice, and he’ll be like, ‘We are not going to win with that stupid throw.’ And I will just turn around and be like, ‘Not now, Marshawn.’ You know, the thing we didn’t realize was how funny that guy is. He’s hilarious. He was on me from the beginning.”

Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that two of the most genuine dudes in the NFL have become so close, but it’s refreshing. Considering the social climate we’re in, something badly needed as well.

So go ahead, America, root for your Raiders.

Your new America’s Team.

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All quotes above are taken from Mike Silver’s piece: Derek Carr: Leader Of A Nation