Khalil Mack’s Contract With The Bears Has Become Tradable… Should The Raiders Make a Run At Him?

The Raiders are entering a pivotal offseason in Jon Gruden’s second tenure as head coach and there is a good chance this will be the year that the organization goes “all in” on a run at the playoffs – at least from a personnel standpoint.

Everyone knows the Raiders need help on defense and after a little cap cleansing of a few bloated contracts, the Raiders should have at least $30 million in cap to spend when the new year rolls around in March. Given the scheme that new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley figures to employ, the Raiders are going to once again rely heavily on a four-man pass rush in 2021. That means they have no choice but to get serious about adding a proven pass rusher in the offseason.

So who might that be?

Guys like Melvin Ingram and Leonard Williams make sense, but the first player that Gruden should check in on is the one he once traded away.

Khalil Mack has been with the Bears for three seasons and the GM that brought him to Chicago is hanging on to his job by a thread. Bears chairman George McCaskey said on Wednesday that his GM (Ryan Pace) and head coach (Matt Nagy) will be back next year, but will not be extended a new deal. McCaskey also said the Bears must have “better production” from the quarterback position and that surely means the Bears will be adding a quarterback in the next few months.

Thanks to making the playoffs with an 8-8 record, the Bears own the 20th pick in the 2021 draft and that won’t be a great position to add a franchise quarterback. The draft won’t have a lot to offer at pick 20 and a top-tier quarterback like, say, Deshaun Watson would cost a lot more than two middle first-round picks (assuming the Bears would also include their 2022 first-round pick).

But what if the Bears could get two more first-round picks by trading Khalil Mack back to the Raiders?

Would they be able to trade for Watson then?

If Watson doesn’t happen to be available, maybe the Bears would take two first-round picks plus Marcus Mariota for Mack, who will turn 30 next month. The Raiders haven’t exactly been knocking their first-round picks out of the park, so why not hit the reset button on the Mack trade?

For what it’s worth, the Bears wouldn’t get crushed by dead money if they traded Mack. They would actually trim $5 million off their projected 2021 salary cap by trading him. So it’s not outside of the realm of possibility…

And we already know of at least one media personality that would sign off on a deal that brought Khalil Mack back to the Raiders.

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I have a solution for the @HoustonTexans and a way out for @deshaunwatson ……Watson to @ChicagoBears for two 1st Round Picks they receive from @Raiders for @FiftyDeuce #bandbacktogether#everybodywins#prodigalsonreturns

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48 thoughts on “Khalil Mack’s Contract With The Bears Has Become Tradable… Should The Raiders Make a Run At Him?

  1. You’ve lost your freaking mind. Two first round picks and Marriota for a 30 year old Mack who’s been what? Led the league in sacks, No. Been a difference maker on Defense, No.
    I’m surprised this lame idea made it online.

    1. Mark, you are absolutely right. Two 1st round picks and Mariota for a washed up Mack? Somebody’s lost their mind.

      1. Washed up? Year one was a beast in our system that used stunts and blitzes… in comes pagano and no blitzes or stunts… very plain defense and all the sudden he’s garbage? I dont think so. This is one of those cases where we’ve wasted two years of macks career by having him in a wrong system. He’s in a system where the opposing offense can afford to use a second player or back to DT him rendering him less effective. That goes out the window when u blitz and run stunts and such.

    2. True, he isn’t worth two 1st rounder anymore but I would do a 1st and 3rd. Or 1st and Mariota.

  2. I agree that the Raiders need interior DLine help. They have ignored this position of need for years for some inexplicable reason! Mack is not worth 2 first round picks period. He is an impact player but not of that caliber any longer.D.J. Reader, NT, Texans. Age:26, Leonard Williams, DE/DT, Giants. Age: 26, Javon Hargrave, NT, Steelers. Age: 27, Jadeveon Clowney, DE, Seahawks. Age: 27,Dante Fowler, DE/OLB, Rams. Age: 26,Calais Campbell, DL, DeForest Buckner, DT, Yannick Ngakoue DL amongst manny many others . . all left via free agency or trade in 2020. Obviously the Raiders did not thing a defensive line that could provide pressure on the QB was a priority. So once again, the Raiders defensive rankings are amongst the NFL’s worst once again! Somebody at Raider’s camp need to wake up to the reality that with no pass rush comes no chance to win . . WTFU!!!

    1. I would love to get Mack back, especially how close Carr and Mack are. Those two together are a dynamic duo even though they are on opposite sides but Mack would tell Carr that I got your back and get to the quarterback to win the game for them. So get Mack and Jadeveon Clowney would be great pick ups. Then I would get a good safety and a cornerback as well. Or get JJ Watt. Or we trade for Deshaun Watson and really get our offense going awesome and we just outscore every team until we finally get a much better defense. Either way we need to make the playoffs next year, it’s a must for our Raider Nation

  3. I think how does khalil feel about it? perhaps it could be something he would like and if it is GOFORIT!!

    1. Mack and Crosby on the ends would be great and moving Ferrell inside is a possibility, or have the two young guys on the ends and Mack playing OLB, Gus Bradley would find a way to have all three on the field , plus having the young guys learning from Mack would be beneficial, just like Mack learned from Tuck when he was a rookie, but two first round picks and Mariota is giving up to much, I think Mariota and a 2 round pick is plenty, don’t want to see Mariota go, if anything happened to Carr, Mariota would keep the offense moving or maybe even approve it, Bears trading for Mariota will truly make them a contender for a SB run

      1. That sounds good not only could the raiders use mack the fans like home and he brought a good vibe with him

  4. Hell no not for 2 first round pick maybe a 2 ND and Marcus and another 2nd round next year

  5. Absolutely a great idea, its was a terrible idea to get rid of fifty deuce. Point is jon Gruden is absolutely horrible at coaching at every aspect. I’m 29 and been a raider since the age of 5. We need stability in defense, one get rid of Ferrell and open more cap space for a real DE. Point is if we dont make a splash in the offseason , expect nothing but what you seen this year. Absolutely nothing. Las vegas faiders

    1. I agree on getting rid of Ferrell and get someone like JJ Watt on top of trading for fifty deuce

    2. I’m 39 and been apart of the nation my whole life and you say u r but call them faiders you are the joke clown

      1. Go Pack Go That’s All I Have To Say Raiders Are 🗑 They Ain’t Been Good Since Tim Brown Marcus Allen And All The Other Greats Other Then That They Ain’t Good At All Derek Carr Is A Back Up Quarterback In A Starting Quarterback Roll And The Coach Is Horrible At Coaching Screw The Raiders.

    3. Mark Davis and Reggie McKennsey made that call . Gruden didn’t like the holdout , but said Mack was a reason to come back to Oak Town . If I remember right Mack didn’t want to stay if Gruden was hired .

  6. Bring back Del Rio!!!! Anyone but gruden!! **** bring back art shell, or I’d take tom cable!!! Gruden is a loser, not a winner. 8-8 after starting 6-3?? Wtf??? Carr has one more year tops!!! Mark my words!! Mariota can stay.

    1. I would like to get Deshaun Watson via trade and just have our offense run it down everyone’s throats you know and ya I agree with getting rid of Jon Gruden. He has not been the answer for us. I love Jack Del Rio, much better coach for us

  7. I would be fine with this year’s 1st round pick and Marriota for Mack, but two 1st round picks is not worth it. That gives the Bears two 1st round picks to trade up or for Watson.

  8. Mack is my favorite player and hated that we let him go. I’d love to make a move to bring him back but…. That idea to give up 1st round draft picks and Marriota is crazy. Let’s find a better deal to bring Mack back!

  9. Agree with Mark, I’m a defense guy and Mack is a beast. But at the 30yr mark come on now that’s a no, two first round picks and mariota who proved to be a great backup. That’s a no again.

  10. Possibly, but not two 2 first rounders and Mariota. Maybe one first round pick (2022) and Mariota. Then pick up a top linebacker in the draft. They won’t find a Mack in the first round in the 2021 draft. With emerging young players on the defensive line, Mack could be a difference maker in 2021, if they want to go all in and they don’t bust the bank for him.

  11. So we give up more for an older Mack than what we traded him? What world does that make sense? C’mon. Think next time.

  12. 30 sacks. plus tfl 2 ints in 3 yrs while being doubled every play **** near ,shame 40.5 w/Raiders 30w/bears. Seems Solid enough to get more pressure than we’ve had since we traded him. 70.5 in 7yrs you’re not impressed huh?

  13. I think defense should be kept intact
    with Mack,the Bears if anyone remember went to the superbowl in 2006 or 2007 with a great defense
    and the quarterback put up decent
    numbers but turnovers like interceptions and fumbles was a problem and they lost against Peyton
    Manning’s Indianapolis Colts.

  14. Develop what is in house., forget the past. Build the inside rush with a BEAST in the mold of Donald on the Rams, Tackle from Alabama, USC, Ohio State etc. Get a Monster Linebacker In the mold of Bryan or Lewis and someone that can neutralize opponents tightened (KC) Additional support on the corners and strong backups on the backend. You win with an aggresive front seven defense (Bears 46, Tampa 2 Brooks era, or Ravens Superbowl Lewis era). You win Champions with defense Slight additions on offense two O Line interchangiale projects.

    1. Wow that would be a great idea but hopefully in the draft there is a guy like Aaron Donald or a Khalil Mack.

  15. Yes bring (52) Mack attack back he’s still a factor no doubt about it n a cornerback from the draft n we r at the door ……RAIDERTRY…..

  16. Trading 2 first round picks for Mack is asinine. A better idea is Carr straight up for Mack and play Mariota. Then they are playoff caliber.

  17. Mack is nowhere near the impact player he once was and there is no way in hell that he is worth two 1st round draft picks. Plus his salary alone would crush almost our entire cap space. I loved him as a Raider. I’d love to have him back because I think he’s still a helluva player and would be a positive addition to our team. But the combination of his age, his salary and his production make me say no thanks.

  18. No don’t give up 2 1st rounds and mariota for mack get rid of them defensive backs and maybe a 3rd round

  19. For those of you pointing out that Mack hasn’t been the same player with the Bears as he was with the Raiders that’s because he’s not being used the same way he was in Oakland. Let’s not forget how Nnamdi was the best defensive back in the NFL when he was a Raider but completely fell to **** in a different system when he went to Philly. Would I like to see him back in the silver and blackk, absolutely. But definitely not for 2 first round picks

  20. Trade Carr, approach D. Watson, keep Mariota- showed promise. Draft the younger hungrier DT and LB, not the small operated CB s. Fire Olson( 2nd fail as O coach) and Gruden (game has passed him severely, he’s a liability). LV RAIDERS need hungry coaches not fossils!! Simple. SGD

  21. Do you people not read? Chicago would trade their 1st round pick and the 1st round pick received from LVR to Houston for Watson. LVR would send one 1st and Mariota to Chicago for Mack. It’s a risk but one that needs to be made to boost the defense this year.

  22. I personally think that it would be really nice to have Mack back at his true position of OLB with Crosby & Ferrell on the ends. The Raiders would’ve got better results the first 4 yrs that they had Mack if he would’ve played in his natural position! One thing that sticks in my head when thinking about this trade is would Mack want to play for the Raiders again???

  23. I changed my mind. At first I said fair for both teams is our 1st and Mariota. After more thought we need a decent backup. Keep Mariota. Trade Ferrell and our 2nd this year and next years 2nd. Or our 2nd and 3rd this year and our 3rd or 2nd ( last resort) 2022. Hopefully TB restructures. Dump the WR we basically have not seen. Also get Hue Jackson for OC ONLY. If saints give up Winston go get him and dump Mariota.

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