Khalil Mack Pushing Back New Deal By Not Returning To Raiders?

According to Las Vegas insider Joe Arrigo, Khalil Mack could speed along the process of getting a new deal with the Raiders by returning to the team.

“It is my understanding that the hope is to have a deal done in the upcoming weeks providing [Mack] returns to the team,” Arrigo posted Wednesday on Facebook. “While there has been no substantial talks regarding the new contract, both sides have had limited dialogue and stayed in contact…”

Arrigo said he does not believe Mack will be traded, but he also doubts Mack’s chances of being with the team for the season opener against the Rams – which would be a real buzzkill for Gruden’s first regular season game.

Reading Arrigo’s full post (linked above), there is a definite Raiders PR feel to the message, but considering he’s reporting on the team’s position, it doesn’t take away from the information.

For what it’s worth, Mack will at least need to show up before week 10 to get credit for the fifth year on his deal. By holding out any longer he would likely find himself in the same position in a year that he’s in now – without a new deal and tied to the Raiders for another year.

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10 thoughts on “Khalil Mack Pushing Back New Deal By Not Returning To Raiders?

  1. **** Mack! Trade him!!!! Greedy *** mother ******. I mean do you play because you love the game or for the big payday! Get your *** in there and play! If I was the new coach I’d at least wanna see your *** practice before giving you 20 million a year. But if your going to be a bitch about it then I would trade your *** to the worst team in the league and get as many draft picks for you as possible.

    1. You can’t play for love of the game AND a big payday?

      New coach has plenty of film to see him play. Or maybe any of the games he called. What kind of argument is that?

      It’s a business. The owners are raking in the dough while passing the bill onto onto taxpayers.

      You’re not too bright, are you?

  2. I have long thought that RM would not begin any negotiations until Khalil returns to camp. Maybe after Seahawks preseason game? C’mon RM and JG, sign this man and lets go get a trophy. Leave ego’s at the door-get it done.

  3. Both sides need to get this done! Mack is the quintessential RAIDER, Chuckie knows offense but he also knows what Tony Dungy’s Defensive Pressure did to his (former) #1 ranked offense. Defense Wins Championships! Get This $h_t Done Guys!

  4. Mack is getting bad advice from his Agent….you’d think he would’ve learned from the past 2 years of Leveon Bell attempts to renogotiate and holding out…he should follow what OBJ has done….get into Camp, (because you ARE under contract), keep your mouth shut, and the contract will take care of itself.

    1. Aaron Rodgers: report to camp, keep your mouth shut, work on your game and he is now the highest paid player in the NFL.

      Charles Woodson: report with or without a new contract, be in shape, let your play on the field speak for you.

      These are who Mack should observe and listen. His payday, the new contract, will come about when he reports rather quickly. Also, he should remember DC left money on the table for his new contract.

  5. Mack is definitely the cornerstone of the defense but now that we have weapons all around him I believe the Raiders actually have a chance to be contenders. Money is the root of all evil…. finish your contract year with another pro bowl and the Raiders will pay up! I wish Mack would act like the “Captain” of this team and lead by example. Show up and give it all you got! 100%

  6. When is everyone going to wise up? He is staying out until the 53 man roster and practice squad roster are set. Any tantalizing free agent that gets cut from another squad is fair game to pick up and then Raiders know exactly how much money is left this year for Mack.

  7. He’s going to sign with the Raiders this is a huge publicity stunt Aaron Donald’s going to sign here soon then they’ll sign Khalil Mack Monday Night Football at Oakland return of Jon Gruden Aaron Donald signs with the Rams Khalil Mack signs with the Raiders it’s going to be huge no teams going to give up two first-round draft picks and give this man 70 75 million guaranteed money that’s what it’s about is the guaranteed money all contracts are incentive-based now that’s why all these NFL players one guaranteed money up front

  8. Mack had no excuse to holdout. He has 13 million due to him this year still after missing preseason games. All he had to do was report to camp period. His agent is greedy and persuaded him to do this. Now he’s craving to play and this all could have been avoided by just being a true professional and honor his contract. After the cuts on Saturday, that means more salary will be freed up. We need him on this defense. Paul Guenther’s scheme will fit him to a tee and with him on board this defense can be special. Reggie McKenzie should lock in now with Mack’s agent and get the deal done. #WWRN #RNFL #Silver&Black #TheresOnlyOneTrueNation

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