RapSheet: Raiders And Khalil Mack “Essentially Nowhere” In Negotiations

For those needing the latest on Khalil Mack, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport gave his thoughts on Thursday afternoon.

Rapoport offered the same grim report that’s been circling the headlines for days (actually months), but also confirmed another angle to the story – Mack’s fate essentially lies in the hands Jon Gruden.

“From what I understand, the Raiders and Khalil Mack are essentially nowhere,” Rapoport said on NFL Total Access today. “For Jon Gruden, who does have total control of this building and of course of all football decisions, this is a very interesting test for him.”

“[Mack] does not have a current offer, has had no real negotiations with the team since February and the longer this goes without an end in sight, the more likely it is that Khalil Mack will actually miss regular season games. I would not be surprised, based on what I know, if that in fact happens.

Maybe it’s been reported before now, but no real negotiations since February? That’s six months the relationship has been souring and it’s hard to imagine the matter can be reconciled before the season opener without movement coming in the next few days.

Rapoport didn’t mention a potential trade, but the Raiders seem to be quietly collecting offers. Whether they’re taking these offers seriously remains to be seen, but there’s no question Gruden is at least flirting with his options.

And then there’s this little piece of conjecture…

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3 thoughts on “RapSheet: Raiders And Khalil Mack “Essentially Nowhere” In Negotiations

  1. More wild speculation! RAIDERS ARE NOT TRADING MACK SND THEY ARE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT! Mack is under contract and the raiders can franchise him for the following 2 years. If Mack doesn’t show up for the regular season he’ll in breach of his contracts do will be losing a ton of money!

  2. With Amari sharing the same agent as Khalil, team has to take a hard stance on holding out. Players under contract have to show up. Once joining the team, I believe the team will present a reasonable offer.

  3. They trade mack I will no longer be a football fan let alone a raider fan. I loved chucky when I was a kid but he fucks this up and I am done. If the raiders think the rookies can handle it then trade Bruce and use that money to go to mack.

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