Kliff Kingsbury won’t be Joining the Raiders and the Real Reason Probably Hasn’t Been Reported Yet

Kliff Kingsbury was expected to be the Raiders’ next offensive coordinator, but according to an ESPN report on Saturday, Kingsbury and the team were not able to agree on the terms of a contract.

There may have been details in the proposed contract that Kingsbury and the Raiders never agreed on, but it’s probably a little naive to think that money caused the negotiations to fall apart.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said contract talks “broke down” between the Raiders and Kingsbury, but the only reason that would happen is if one side, or both sides, were unsure about the other.

An extra million dollars for Kingsbury would be nothing for the Raiders if they thought he was right person to be their next offensive coordinator.

Based on what has been reported by Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd, who has proven to be well-connected to the Caleb Williams situation, there is some reason to believe that Williams and Kingsbury are trying to coordinate their landing spots in the NFL.

Maybe that’s a detail of importance.

Within minutes of the news that Kingsbury wasn’t going to the Raiders, several reports linked him to the Washington Commanders, including a report from Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd on Twitter: “Heading East. Very East. #commanders https://t.co/TqP3LkAWg7 / Twitter”

Heading East. Very East. #commanders https://t.co/TqP3LkAWg7

It’s probably a safe bet that neither Kingsbury or the Raiders would benefit from the release of the real matter that came between the sides, so for now we’ll have to settle for a “breakdown in contract negotiations.”

Like a Hollywood marriage that ends in “irreconcilable differences,” we know there’s more to the Kingsbury story than what’s been reported to this point.

Maybe we’ll eventually get the full story… or maybe we won’t.

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  1. It’s ok. Sometimes we don’t have to know everything but I will say that I have questions about the Williams kid and everything that is going on with him.

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