Beat Writer Predicts Next Year’s “Breakout Player” for the Raiders

The Raiders are still searching for their next offensive coordinator, but when the OC hire is finally complete, Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter has a breakout player already chosen for the lucky coordinator.

Speaking on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast, Hondo offered high praise for rookie wide receiver Tre Tucker…

Tre Tucker is a player that I think is next year’s breakout player. I think this kid has superstardom [in his future and] reminds me a lot of Henry Ruggs. He has huge speed. [He] showed flashes as a rookie

I think Tre Tucker is a guy next year that is going to take the lid off it. I think he’s going to be a starter from day one. I am riding and driving the Tre Tucker train.”

For what it’s worth, Hondo isn’t the first to speak highly of Tucker since the end of the season.

Two weeks ago, Davante Adams was on the Two G’s in a Pod podcast and talked about the maturity of C.J. Stroud. Adams said Tucker and Stroud are the two most mature rookies he has been around since entering the NFL…

“I never been around a dude that young coming in that’s that mature, other than probably Tre Tucker. Those two dudes are probably two of the most mature rookies I’ve been around.”

Davante believes what separates Tucker from other fast receivers is his attention to detail and willingness to learn routes, rather than just rely exclusively on his speed…

“It’s the detail. Ever since he came, I told y’all, he’s asking me all types of questions trying to pick my brain about why I run a route a certain way.

I don’t think fast guys can’t do it, but I just think that they take the easy way out and know that they’re fast and they can get away with taking a super wide release on a go route rather than actually doing a release.”

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  1. Seeing that Kingsbury is out .and we’re stuck with Luke gets who I don’t care for just look at the ( bears ) the last two years that tells you what we’re going to be seeing the Raiders doing 2024 and 2025. And him not developing a QB. I would like the Raiders to go after Charlie Weis OC Ole Miss, Jeff Lebby OC Oklahoma, Garrett Riley OC Clemson. Those are the three names I’ve come up with for now I ‘ll check on other OC’s as the College football season 2024 ends to see what out there. We need to Draft Penix some how some way. That’s my pick. Luke gets noway.

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