Kolton Miller “Surprised” Raiders Approached Him For a New Deal

If you were a little surprised by the news that Kolton Miller’s contract was extended, you weren’t alone. Even Miller apparently wasn’t expecting the Raiders to approach him about a new deal after his third year.

“I was actually surprised coming out of year three, coming into year four,” Miller told members of the media at his announcing press conference. “You dream about this when you’re a little kid and through the season. But I’m excited, definitely excited, to continue my career here, continue to work hard and prove the coaches, prove this team that I’m invested.”

So why extend Miller now?

Until we know the exact cap numbers, we don’t know if the Raiders will save any money against the salary cap over the next two years. On his rookie deal, Miller was set to make around $4.2 million in 2021 and just over $10 million on his 2022 fifth-year option. It sounds like those numbers may stay the same and the following three years will come in at around $18 million per year.

The only reasonable explanation for not waiting on Miller’s extension would be the thinking that the cost to sign him will only go up. That approach worked with Darren Waller, who in hindsight could have secured a much better deal by betting on himself for another year.

Maybe in two years $18 million per-year for Miller will look good, too.

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2 thoughts on “Kolton Miller “Surprised” Raiders Approached Him For a New Deal

  1. Good work on the Raiders part they are getting a steal in 2 years tackle are going to be in 22-25 million a year

  2. Prediction: barring any major injuries I expect the o-line to be one of the biggest factors in our success this season. John gruden has been getting a lot of flak as a bad drafter . but with Tom cable helping scout a right tackle I believe we are gonna get a stud this year….F trent brown…go RAIDERS

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