Tafur: Richard Sherman to Raiders Still a Possibility

Free agency in the NFL has slowed down to a crawl, but the Raiders still have a few significant needs on the roster. One of those needs is at cornerback and The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur talked this week about a veteran cornerback that could soon be in the mix.

“You do hear [talk about] Richard Sherman,” Tafur said on the State Of The Nation podcast. “I still think that is still a possibility. I think he is kind of going at his own speed. I think there was a tweet that he’s in Vegas right now, at a casino, at a pool party, so he’s nearby. I think they’ve talked to him… so [that] definitely could be a match. I think he could definitely play right away so that’s the one guy that may happen before long.”

Sherman turned 33 last month, but he is familiar with defensive coordinator Gus Bradley’s system and 100 percent on the Raiders radar.

The Raiders aren’t in desperate need of a starting cornerback, but nothing about the 2020 season screams that they are set at the position, either. Trayvon Mullen was up and down as a player and Damon Arnette was mostly down. If nothing else, a player like Sherman would add a capable veteran to the Raiders’ cornerback group and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if he was able to beat out one of the aforementioned cornerbacks for a full-time role.

For what it’s worth, Sherman would have been the Raiders top-graded cornerback in each of the last three years, based on Pro Football Focus analytics. That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise since the Raiders top season grade at cornerback in 2020 came from Nevin Lawson (narrowly over Mullen) and the team already had a rich history of terrible cornerback play in the years before that.

So by all means, if Sherman is open to joining the Raiders… sign him up yesterday.

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7 thoughts on “Tafur: Richard Sherman to Raiders Still a Possibility

  1. We all read stuff written about the Raiders secondary with captions like ” In a division with Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert in the division” ……………….In reading what is written about the other teams in the division, no one seem to be worried about Derick Carr, because he may be a legend in Jon Grudens mind, but a dumpster fire in terms of win/loss record at 42% – No serious fan would ever give this team a forecast of this or future years to be different from No. 4’s other years.

  2. Too expensive and too old.
    Tyreek Hill ran circles around Sherman 2 Super Bowls ago and Sherman missed most of last year,,,,,,,, strange you forgot to mention that.

  3. Sherman is over the hill…..
    I still think that Derek Carr should be dealt for a # 1 pick.
    The NFL is just a ‘business’…..and the Raiders who used to run theirs pretty well…
    Has been dropping the Ball too much in the last couple of decades….

  4. Richard Sherman is just another primadonna it’s aged like old cheese nice stinks go after New blood rebuild and become greater Nation once again shut them down don’t bring in any more Grandpa’s has been dinosaurs looked ahead to the positivity of the draft

  5. Richard Sherman is in the Stone age he was good when he was young but now he’s like old cheese when it becomes moldy it stinks get some new talent from the draft that’s what I say

  6. I would rather have Casey Hayward than Richard Sherman and he knows Gus Bradley’s system just as well if not better

  7. I’m not a pro Derek Carr guy but I think he gets one more year and if we don’t win a playoff game then it’s time to make a move and get a legit signal caller but for now I think the defense should be addressed with the most importance we won championships with our defense especially our secondary

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