Las Vegas Raiders Drawing Majority Of Season Ticket Interest From Outside Nevada

The Raiders have three years to fill their soon-to-be-built Las Vegas stadium and newly released data, via Rick Velotta of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, is offering the first clue as to where these season ticket holders will travel from.

According to Bank of America’s Elliot McCabe, who provided the Review-Journal with an update on the stadium’s financing, 43% of early PSL (Personal Seat License) money is coming from the state of Nevada and another 29% is coming from California. That means the team is receiving well more than half (57%) of its PSL deposits from outside the state of Nevada.

To this point, PSL reservations require only a $100 refundable deposit and the Raiders are believed to have received around 50,000 deposits. The question, of course, is how many of these deposits will result in a purchased PSL with the anticipated cost averaging around $4,000 per seat (some more and others less)?

Ultimately, the Raiders are needing to raise around $250 million through personal seat licenses. If the team continues their upward trend on the field, the $250 million goal may be achievable. If not, who will pay thousands of dollars for the right to buy tickets to see a so-so football team?

What that means to owner Mark Davis and his business advisors is simple. The plan is the same as it’s ever been.

Just win, baby.

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7 thoughts on “Las Vegas Raiders Drawing Majority Of Season Ticket Interest From Outside Nevada

    1. No this is 4,000 in addition to the ticket prices. The extra 4K is for the right to BUY season tickets. Very expensive!

    2. It says around 4k, some more, SOME LESS. So, while not likely, you could end up saving money. Gonna have to wait and see.

    3. No they are talking about $4000 as a personal seat license per ticket. $4000 just gives you the right to purchase your season tickets

  1. 4K is what the PSL will average, this is for the right to purchase the (1) season ticket.
    I paid 4K per PSL in 1994. I purchased (2) PSLs. 8K got me the right to buy my 2 tickets every year.

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