Report: Donald Penn Holding Out For Additional $5 Million From Raiders

With training camp now in the rear view, the stakes are being raised between Donald Penn and the Raiders.

The contract dispute between player and team is essentially entering the ‘second half’ as the Raiders have been practicing for three weeks and the regular season opener in Tennessee is now three weeks away.

Penn is seeking an additional $5 million from the Raiders, according to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, and while the Raiders seem open to talking about a deal, they reportedly don’t want to negotiate until Penn returns to the team.

Saturday’s preseason home opener will give the Raiders their first live assessment of their first-team offensive line without Penn, whose holdout stands to gain traction if the offensive line struggles, but could lose some leverage if the line plays well in his absence.

The Raiders patchwork offensive line currently features $158 million in combined contracts for their interior line (Jackson, Osemele, and Hudson) and less than $6 million combined for their starting tackles (Alexander and Newhouse).

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15 thoughts on “Report: Donald Penn Holding Out For Additional $5 Million From Raiders

  1. Donald Penn is a pro bowl LT. Reggie needs to adjust his contract. Add 1 year and a signing bonus. Even if they draft a LT Penn could be the backup tackle on the left or right. They can’t afford to have DC in a hospital.

  2. I think they need Penn to make any noise in the playoffs, but I fully agree with the Raiders position here. If he wants more money, the least he can do is show up! I hope he’s not hiding an injury. Besides that, he was a free agent LAST YEAR and this was the best offer he got, he signed it, so he should play it out! GO RAIDERS, JUST WIN BABY!!

  3. I’m sorry that DP doesn’t know how to negotiate. He should get his a** down immediately to Oakland and commenced his negotiation.

  4. Hope the line plays better without him ….drop his ***…the raiders have date with destiny ,if you ain’t with and us you against us!

  5. What gives these people the right these grown men who sign a contract the right -to sign that contract then say I want more like in Mr deeds he he were to suck could the Raiders say we want money back (Sean smith) no they can’t. Get back to work Donald protect ur boy go to Superbowl then ask for more.

  6. My dad always taught me to keep my word… What are you teaching Penn?!!! What are you all about?!!!…

  7. Love love love my raiders. That said, DP signed a contract the Raiders are honoring by paying him. Complete the contract then negotiate a new one. It’s reported he will be fined 40K per day he’s absent. So far that fine is 160K, tomorrow it’s 180K. Not monopoly money thats real cash. I have a heart attack with a $20. parking ticket. DP get back home to the people who love, respect and pay you. One lineman isn’t going to cost us a win or loss. Your teammates need you brother. So, do I! Goraiders

    1. opps a mistake in my math. tomorrow it’s 200K. I get confused after a hundred dollars, sorry guys.

  8. It’s true that Penn said months ago that he wanted more money and nothing happened. However, lately, Reggie made it more than clear that when Penn gets to Napa/Oakland they can get something done. Penn needs to show up and play. If after that, nothing gets done, (which I doubt very much) then walk out/hold out. First, Penn, get up to Oakland to start the process! Your strategy right now is not a good one!

  9. Its very easy here next week since camp is over have the O line show up where Donald Penn is but agree with Mckenzie that showing unity together if both sides can meet half way and finish this hold out. With the talent in place as of this moment on this team no where does Donald Penn have a fighting chance to have a Super bowl with in reaching distance.

  10. Its easier to play now that the team has some substance and past the hurdles of key players being rookies and moving on into their prime. All of this Raiders Nation for the first time in years with its loyalty thru so much heart break can finally see the light and be proud once again!! Sometimes we must go outside the box to keep it all together as we rose from the ashes to prove the organization THE OAKLAND RAIDERS really is the class of the NFL.

  11. penn signed a contarct is walking into a suoerowl team and ket his QB get his leg broke

    fat boy Penn needs to shut his slave stock mouth and show up

  12. It’s obvious to me that Penn’s word means nothing. He signed a contract and now won’t honor it. Is there no honor at all left in pro sports? The Raiders have to make him fulfill his obligations or don’t play and DON’T get paid,just as ALL teams should do. What the hell is it with these guys anyway?

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