Latest Tom Brady Rumor is Just Another Reason to Doubt the Raiders are Really Trying to Sign Him

Last week an ESPN report emerged that the Raiders were intent on making a push to sign Tom Brady when free agency begins in March.

That report most likely didn’t come from anyone in the Raiders building and now there’s a new story making the rounds that the Dallas Cowboys are considering Brady over re-signing Dak Prescott.

The Dallas rumor came courtesy of former Cowboy Michael Irvin and on Sunday Irvin clarified his statement by adding that it was no one within the Cowboys organization that was talking about signing Brady.

In other words, Irvin’s information, whether it happens to be accurate or not, is coming from Brady’s camp – which is starting to become a trend over the past couple weeks.

Remember, Brady benefits when just about every team in the league is linked to him and news outlets are more than happy to accept the traffic that comes with each and every rumor.

Carr was the flavor of the week last week. This week it was Dak Prescott. Maybe next week Brady’s agent will push all the chips in the middle and threaten a Tom Brady run at the White House to get the Patriots attention.

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18 thoughts on “Latest Tom Brady Rumor is Just Another Reason to Doubt the Raiders are Really Trying to Sign Him

  1. It’s all bulls**t, and THE NATION is just supposed to forget about the “tuck rule” right??……NOT!

  2. This is proof Michael Irving is either a list or an idiot.

    Tom Brady has a better chance signing with the ny Mets and playing double a ball than he does signing with the cowboys to play QB.

  3. I really can not imagine Tom Brady playing for another team . And I can think of a team owing a player more in gratitude … He restructured his contracts to find and retain top talent . The Patriots should sign him to a two year fare well tour …Parade and statue event … Then Tom may move on into broadcasting I

  4. Tom is staying in New England, not one of these franchise wants to give up on their 10+ years franchise quarterback for a 2 year guy. Tom will be a patriot in March and when he does retire it will be from the Patriots

  5. I have been a Raider fan ever since they got George Blanda from Houston in the sixties and I harbor massive grudges like KC, the tuck rule and that fat guy on Baltimore who crippled Gannon in the Super Bowl and got away with it.

    So go ahead and sign Brady and I will immediately become an x-Raider fan.

    1. That was the AFC Championship game it was Tony saraguasi and he should have been ejected if that play didn’t we would have whipped the Giants

  6. News Flash:

    Tom Brady will be the starting pitcher for the Red Sox on opening day!

    AND Gronk will be behind the plate catching…sans glove!

  7. When it is known to be a rumor it should be ignored, but the talking heads repeat it and give it traction, just in case it turns out to be true, so they can get credit for it…. Pay no attention to rumors some of them will make your head spend…

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