Linebacker Corey James Will Be Key To Raiders Success In Tennessee

When the Raiders announce their active roster on Sunday morning, all eyes will be on the status of first-round pick Gareon Conley, but the name to watch will be second-year linebacker Corey James.

James, who has been nursing a knee injury, is officially listed as ‘questionable’ to play on Sunday.

If the worst-kept secret in preseason has been the Raiders short list of options at linebacker, the best-kept secret may have been the play of James, who has been sidelined since the second week of preseason.

James has emerged as arguably the best tackler of the Raider linebackers, but he was also solid in pass protection according to Pro Football Focus.

If the Raiders hope to slow down Tennessee’s multi-faceted offensive attack, they’ll need James in the lineup on Sunday.

Fortunately, it sounds like he expects to be ready to go.

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3 thoughts on “Linebacker Corey James Will Be Key To Raiders Success In Tennessee

  1. Man, this defense scares me to death. And not just the back end! They looked TERRIBLE during the scrimage games. Well they’re for real now. We have a much tuffer schedule this year thanks to our 12-4 record. We just can’t expect the O to keep pulling us out of the fire! Especially with a head coach who’s old school and wants to use ball control and run the ball the whole 4th QTR! I was screaming last year. We only have a 3 point lead. Throw the ball! Keep attacking. But Jacks not going to change. We now have a running game that can do that. But we better score 35 plus or we could get disappointed! RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Actually Musgrave called the offensive plays last year while a mix of Todd Downing and Derek Carr will handle that this year. And apparently we didn’t run enough in the 4th qtr as evidenced by Carr breaking his leg on a drop back in the 4th qtr with a 2td lead. I do, however, agree that our defense is a HUGE concern. I can’t understand why they are so reluctant to bring in a high end MLB when they are dead set on running a scheme that is reliant on outstanding MLB play.

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