Lombardi: Raiders “Not Happy” With Derek Carr, But Can We Believe Him?

NFL free agency begins one month from today and that means it will be about another four weeks that the rumors around Tom Brady, Derek Carr, and every other quarterback being linked to the Raiders are going to persist.

The Raiders have been reported by ESPN to have strong interest in Brady, but many believe the interest to largely be agent driven, much the way a report surfaced this weekend that Teddy Bridgewater was in line for a $30 million per-year deal. 

Nevertheless, one of Carr’s staunchest critics has been The Athletic’s Michael Lombardi, who remains adamant that the Raiders do not like Carr and are actively trying to replace him. 

“The reality here is, we know this. No matter what they say, no matter how many times Mike Mayock, look he’ll go to the combine and deny it, we know for fact that they’re not happy with Derek Carr,” Lombardi told the VSin’s Follow The Money podcast on Monday. “Now the Derek Carr family will create a revolt on Twitter and complain about it and say it’s not true, but the reality of it is that we know Job Gruden thinks that Carr doesn’t extend plays, doesn’t make a play after a play, throws the ball out of bounds when he has the chance to make a play, can’t create things on his own.”

There’s a lot of “we know” in there, right?

It turns out there’s even more, because Lombardi seems to suggest that he knows the Raiders have been only a quarterback away from competing for a Super Bowl in recent years.

“We know Jon [Gruden] loves veteran quarterbacks,” Lombardi continued. “We know the Raiders have a ton of cap room, a really good offensive line, and they’ve got a team that could lure Brady to believing they could compete for a title if, in fact, they could fix the quarterback position… this [rumor] has real teeth to it, it’s got validity to it, because we know the silos on each one of these things starts and ends with [the Raiders] unhappiness with Derek Carr.”

For years Lombardi has been on a crusade against Carr, so it’s hard to know if he knows the Raiders are trying to move on from Carr or he hopes the Raiders are trying to move on from Carr. What we do know is that Lombardi thinks the Raiders are a quarterback away from competing for a title… and now we know why Lombardi has been fired quickly from about every NFL job he has ever taken, including his embarrassing failure as Browns’ VP and General Manager from 2013 to 2014. 

And here’s what else we know.

In 2006, Raiders HC Art Shell banned Lombardi (who was the Raiders personnel director at the time) from the practice field for “rooting against” his own team, and undermining Al Davis. The Bleacher Report story from 2009 also referenced a well-known ESPN analyst who refused to investigate any of Lombardi’s claims at the time because Lombardi had a history of recklessly reporting gossip about the Raiders.

So here’s what you should know. Take anything Lombardi says about the Raiders with a grain, or even a full pitcher, of salt. Heck, go ahead and take a full bath in the salts.

But that’s another conversation altogether…

If the Raiders don’t replace Carr over the next few months, count Lombardi’s latest chatter as just another blemish on his already spotty reputation when covering the Raiders… and never trust him again.

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18 thoughts on “Lombardi: Raiders “Not Happy” With Derek Carr, But Can We Believe Him?

  1. Lombardi, yur a fuckin idiot. The raiders r not a qback away from winning the super bowl. Let me tell u this the one thing the raiders r consistently good at is they still tackle, covering receivers. If their is someone the raiders should get rid of is u (Lombardi)

  2. Carr stays for at least two more years. Brady is done or new England would be bringing him back. Bridgwater is a step back no where near as good and doesn’t know the system. Rookie backup QB is a good idea but not a replacement.

  3. Why is Raider’s Beat even listening to Lombardi, let alone printing and spreading his worthless, biased sputum. Sure would be nice to read some positive articles, insider updates on the progress of the stadium and practice facility, insights in what some players are doing with their time off, I’m sure there are many more interesting things to publish rather than garbage like this.

  4. It’s obvious, like Mike Florio that Lombardi has some type of personal agenda with Carr! Lombardi has never accomplished anything in the NFL if note and wouldn’t know a good QB if one fell on him! He’s stealing money if anyone pays him to write this BS! Go Away Mr. Lombardi! Carr will be around a lot longer than you, you can bet on that! Carr 2020

  5. Well said Never trust him again ! He is reaching to say something that could happen., ( a Carr Trade ) …and act as if he is some kind of prophet ., and no I totally disagree ., The Raiders have needed so much more than a different QB . Please lets get some speed with good hands on the outside ., and linebackers that can cover slants ., corners that can keep up with receivers that go long or come back to the ball …Go Raiders !

  6. I don’t believe any of it. Gruden may have been frustrated because Carr didn’t target Zay Jones often enough. But they certainly won’t replace him with Brady, a 43 year old quarterback. Lombardi is talking nonsense by saying that the Raiders need another quarterback. Our defenses have been a shambles because the prior GM Mckenzie kept drafting players who didn’t fit the scheme. This is how Carr has been hit with bad luck.

  7. We heard the same thing last year. This year we’re looking at Brady, Winston, and even Philip Rivers. Writers for the Bears are coming up with scenarios for getting Carr in a trade. It won’t stop until the Raiders prove them right or wrong like last season. So for now, everyone has an opinion.

  8. Ok reality check time!!!
    Lombardi is a professional reporter with press credentials and access to NFL players and coaches. You are a fanboy with no connection to the NFL who does this as a hobby and to be honest does it pretty badly. I find it laughable you put yourself on the same level.

    1. Thank you for finally shedding some true light in the subject. Lombardi is an NFL insider Not one person said Adam Schefter, who actually reported the story, was crazy or an idiot or anything of the sort. Doesn’t this make more sense when you actually read it??? Carr needs to go for both the Raiders and himself

  9. Lombardi is not a reliable source, he is a fiction writer. He came up with the Mayock-Gruden split over the Antonio Brown events, which were later proven to be completely false. So why is anybody putting any faith in the latest fairy tale? The Athletic would do well to distance itself from Lombardi if it expects to be taken seriouslt as a news source.

  10. Who is not happy about what??? The fact that Carr had a 100 qb rating, completed 70%+ of his passes, 3 to 1 TD to Int ratio, career high in yards all with the worst receiving core in the league?? And his family is revolting??? Haven’t heard any of this out of Gruden’s or Maylock’s mouth, just hear say. Media drama!!

  11. Are you Freaking Crazy Lombardi? Why is anybody listening to him? Raiders have a solid young QB and a great future home that will energize the Raiders and attract other solid players.

  12. Are you Freaking Crazy Lombardi? Why is anybody listening to him? Raiders have a solid young QB and a great future home that will energize the Raiders and attract other solid players. Carr is Da Man

  13. Utter nonsense. It’s actually becoming amusing to hear all of the “ditch Carr” stories flying about. I’m gonna sit back and laugh as the ridiculous predictions continue to roll in. And all of the HATERS are scared to death that the LAS VEGAS RAIDERS will actually be in contention for the AFC WEST title in 2020!

  14. New here. I’ve been reading posts on this site for many years. This will be my first post. I’m tired of all the bashing/BS towards Carr. I’m a big fan of his. First time in his career that he has been in an offensive system in more than 2 years. That would be tough for any QB, including the best in the game. Ok for those that want Carr gone, who would you replace him with? A rookie QB, veteran off free agency. Brady, hell freakin no!! Never want to see him in a Raiders uniform. With a good WR core, Carr can be a great QB. I agree that he doesn’t at times extend plays. But watching on tv, you can’t see the whole picture of WR routes. If no one is open, what do you expect him to do? We have no deep threat, and our WR have average hands and speed, and other than Renfro in the slot and Waller at TE, Defenses are not afraid of our WR core.

  15. The fact that Gruden has not put an end to rumors speaks volumes and keeps Carr from a good nights sleep. Raiders are looking at options.

    1. Actually, Gruden and Mayock have tried to put an end to it! I’ve heard them say on multiple occasions that Carr is their guy!

  16. Short memory, do not remember when Cooper, Crabtree etc? going for the superbowl but they broke Carr, and what happened? no QB to replace him, bad choices, selling Mack and Cooper, we need WR and defensive men, NOT QB, get real, not bad choices

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