Report: Teams Expected to Pursue Trade for Derek Carr

If you follow the Las Vegas Raiders closely, the next few weeks are going to fill your mind with as many rumors and storylines as your brain can handle, especially as they relate to Derek Carr.

Are the Raiders going to trade their quarterback or not?

First off, let’s be clear. The Raiders under no circumstances will be cutting Carr. Contrary to what you might read on social media, Carr has significant trade value and the Raiders appear to be interested in finding out what that might be.

Vincent Bonsignore on Twitter

Should be an interesting week in Indianapolis. Growing sense within league is there are NFL teams prepared to inquire with @Raiders about the possibility of trading for Derek Carr.

Something to remember with the origin of the above report. Vinny Bonsignore (writing for the Las Vegas Review-Journal) is very well connected within the Raiders, particularly at the top of the organizational food chain (so to speak).

So you can bet his reporting isn’t ruffling any feathers among the top decision makers within the Raiders building. In other words, the team wants the message out there.

The question is, do the Raiders want to replace Carr or do they want other teams to believe they want to replace Carr?

Either scenario could be true.

Whatever the case, the NFL combine gets underway next week and that’s where the rumors will really take off. NFL coaches, scouts, and agents will talk all week in Indianapolis and there will be no shortage of information making the rounds. Some of it might even be true.

Get your popcorn ready cell phones charged up.

For what it’s worth, Bonsignore did try to explain his report on Carr in a little more detail.

Vincent Bonsignore on Twitter

FYI: I’m not reporting this to mean @Raiders are actively shopping Derek Carr. But between their pledge to leave no stone unturned to improve at every position – including QB – and the interest in Carr around the league, some teams sense an opportunity to trade for him.

What a fine line to try to balance…

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30 thoughts on “Report: Teams Expected to Pursue Trade for Derek Carr

  1. Of course other teams are interested ! Derek Carr is a good QB … I just hope the Raiders are smart enough to get the help around him so he can succeed … Remember … Dan Pastorini , Jeff George , Jay Shroeder … Hell throw in Matt Flynn … Swing and a miss … Yes Bob that was way outside !

    1. Carr doesn’t want to sacrifice himself. He lacks the fundamental skills experience with play action, pump fake, won’t run for a first down, grounds the ball when no receiver is open (tantrum like), etc. Joe Burrow has the skill set and is what the Las Vegas Raiders organization needs for 2020. If Brady gets signed 2 years for $60 million hypothetically, he can mentor Burrow. Brady would be an excellent QB coach, Offensive Coordinator, etc. He’s been there and proved it.

      1. You sound like a 12 year old.

        How do you think you land the #1 pick?

        Carr had top 10 QBR last year while throwing for 4000 yards to a slot receiver & a TE.

        We need WRs on O and an LB & some secondary help on D…

          1. Bust it wide open and get a **** defense going…hell if San Francisco can get to a Superbowl with Jimmy graffilo ….hell Carr is a better qb than him….get Carr a couple receivers…..and get a **** defense going on..

      2. 1st Raiders are not getting Burrow
        2nd Carr not sacrificing himself is a figment of your imagination. Aka running for the first down/diving for a TD video of Carr look it up.

  2. Raiders need to kill this rumor now.we have our qb. Unless were get a top 5 qb were set. Gruden is tough on qbs and carr has thrived just needs a no.1 wr and more weapons, and this might be fun for websites like this but i assure its not for mayock,gruden and carr. Mayock should come out and kill this b.s trade rumor–

  3. All you pundits should have an off season after the Super Bowl until March 1st. Everyday you guys write and report nonsense. You all have about as much real inside info as I do and that ia zero. All these stupid rumors about replacing Carr are so dumb. Replace him with WHO? Who out there would actually be an upgrade? Don’t say Brady because at 43 he is not.

    1. Raiders would be stupid to spend 60 million dollars for Tom Brady as has been rumored…Carr is not the problem…our defense is…if we would have had decent defense last year we would have made the playoffs…our defense is always at the bottom end of the league in every category….my grandma and her sisters would out on a better show than our defense…so let’s get some defense going on..

  4. I am DONE reading any more of this click bait crap about Carr. I won’t read another article by anybody but a Raider press release. I know that it is February but go beat another horse this one, especially by guys who don’t know crap (see Lombardi) is a waste of pixels.
    I’m out with this topic.

    Carr stays and with a better WR core will do great

  5. Hey, I heard a rumor that there’s a rumor going around about the Derek Carr rumor. Probably just a rumor but you never know.

  6. If they trade him for someone who is clearly better, I’m ok with that. As long as they don’t fork over 60 million to Tom Brady. That’s a lot of money for an aging QB who will be playing behind a defense that is absolutely atrocious. Carr hasn’t had the benefit of a solid defense or consistency at coach. They need to ride with him 1 more year, but fix the main problems. They need speed at play making ability at receiver and a stout defense, not a porous one.

  7. There is no one better that can take the realms of the Raiders and turn them into contenders than Derek Carr. Please don’t trade him for some bullshit players or picks that the Raiders don’t have already.

  8. 51 year lifetime die-hard Raider fan. Been going to games since I was in diapers. Lifetime east bay resident. If the Raider sign Tom Brady I am turning on the Raiders as they have done time in and time out to me and my family. Been brainstorming who I shall follow. Being an Ohio State Fan Im leaning on Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans . simply cause there the newest team in the league. Whomever I chose will benefit financially due to how much I spend on my NFL wardrobe

    1. You can do that in your dynasty league in Madden on your Xbox. Me? I’ll keep Carr & sign a true WR1 (who isn’t crazy, ie AB) draft one of these stud WRs coming out this year, & draft a LB to solidify the D.

      There’s a plan in place, & playing video games isn’t part of it!

      In Mayock we trust!

  9. Trade care for late first or early second round pick and draft a QB and sign Brady for two years to mentor young QB. Carr is good just not a good fit for grudges. No fire, no desire, looks scared in pocket and looks afraid to get hit. We will never win a super bowl with Carr so move on

  10. The faster they rid themselves of Carr the better. I could hope that by trading Carr for 2021 draft capital, hopefully a No. 1 pick, would allow Raiders to go fetch Trevor Lawrence of Clemson. This year, there are a multitude of QB’s that could do as good or better than Carr while not jeopardizing who they intend to draft in this years draft. TL will be better than Payton Manning.

  11. If the raiders let carr go and sign brady they will need a qb in 2yrs.isnt that gonna be another setback?

  12. LOL, getting traded out of this dissfunctional organization is probably the best thing that could happen to Carr….Carr is a very good QB, there are not many out there that could have put up with the crap he has had to deal with year in and out with the Raiders…Carr will win a SB with Tampa, NE, Colts or even the likes of the Bears…..Ya see Carr will actually have a D and or multiple #1 type WR’s with those teams….He could win a SB with the Raiders as well, get him a true #1 WR and, heck not even great D, just a top 15 D…..And it might help to get Gruden to quit calling a 1993 offense in the RED ZONE…..and the Raiders will be in the mix.

    For all you “grass is always greener” be careful what you wish for……

    (One final thought, there is NO QB in the league that can beat the other team as well as the Refs, and after seeing the stats on how lopsided the officiating has been against the Raiders its amazing Carr got them as many wins as he has.) FWIW…..

    btw- For you Jordan Love fans out there, watched Carr and Love play against the same level of competition in college, its not even close…Carr was pro ready, Love is good but will be a project for sure.

  13. I love DC and I wouldn’t want to trade him or let him go. All things aside, if a team gives you enough draft capital, you bet DC will be in a different color uniform.
    I personally wouldn’t unless I get two first and a second. Trade him to Miami for two of their first.

  14. I thought the idea was to contend for the long run , Brady at best has two years and then what?. Stop the nonsense, give Carr what he needs offensively and address the defensive issues!!.

  15. Trading Carr would set us back to 0. Talking Brady just pisses me off. There is not a better qb or prospect available. This cannot be argued. I thought Jon and Mike were gurus sounds like the rumors are true Gruden doesn’t have it any more and he can’t bring us back. Trade Carr and the next 8 years we’re the Cin. Bangels.

    1. Bust it wide open and get a **** defense going…hell if San Francisco can get to a Superbowl with Jimmy graffilo ….hell Carr is a better qb than him….get Carr a couple receivers…..and get a **** defense going on..

  16. D.C. is our QB. You will not find a good QB like him. Raiders need a good number two QB. Raiders don’t have one.
    Problem that needs to be fixed is very good WR’ s we need and definitely a good defense. Also offence do what you are paid to do protect our QB for a few seconds and make space for our RB.

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