Marcus Mariota Should Have Modest Trade Value and the Patriots Make the Most Sense

After national reports over the last few weeks that Marcus Mariota has been a hot trade target among quarterback-needy teams, the message that seems to be circling in recent days is that his trade market might not be as robust as previously advertised.

Two Vegas-area media outlets have reported that they don’t think Mariota will have trade value. That is definitely noteworthy.

Nevertheless, the quarterback market this year is not particularly impressive and there are a lot of playoff-caliber teams in need of a quarterback. The Bears, Patriots, and Football Team still desperately need a quarterback and it makes little sense for any of those teams to cling to a fifth or sixth-round pick with the hopes of securing Mariota in free agency. The consolation prize of a quarterback like Jameis Winston, Jacoby Brissett, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Mitchell Trubisky just isn’t worth the risk.

Considering the alternatives, look for the Raiders to ultimately find a trade partner for Mariota. New England makes the most sense. Bill Belichick was taken for a wild ride last year with Cam Newton and if Belichick has his eye on Mariota (as many have indicated), it’s probably a safe assumption that he doesn’t want to go very far down his quarterback wish list this year. Mariota’s contract isn’t cheap, but it’s a reasonable deal for a starting quarterback.

Speaking of Raider quarterbacks, Derek Carr should get a new deal this offseason. That will effectively cause #RaidersTwitter to explode for a few days, but the reality is that the Raiders can save money against the salary cap this year by reworking his deal. If Carr is the quarterback of the future, there aren’t many good reasons for the Raiders not to take a look at his contract as they move toward free agency.

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3 thoughts on “Marcus Mariota Should Have Modest Trade Value and the Patriots Make the Most Sense

  1. Mariota is not a starting quarterback in this league. He will always throw the errand interception at the worst time and lose the game. That’s great that he can run, Bravo! But he’s not good for much else. The Patriots taking Mariota would be just like the Patriots taking Cam Newton the wrong move in other words. I have no idea why we signed him to such a big contract that was very foolish I don’t think any team including us ever worried about playing Marcus Mariota in the past and we always beat him if I remember correctly like most teams too.

  2. Man… this is some what funny yet entertaining at the same time! Looking at the list of free agent QB’s that you just listed out makes me chuckle a tad bit. One you’re discounting Alex Smith ability to play QB at Washington, second you’re throwing shade at Fitzpatrick who should’ve been the full time starter last year and the Dolphins would’ve probably actually went to the playoffs, Jacoby Brisset isn’t a bad QB either! I’m sure that many teams will see it as I have simply just stated it too. If Mariota has to deal with being insulted by any of the naysayers out there he can surely be friendly to the team who believed in him and paid him handsomely to sit out the majority of the 2020 season to rehab from surgery and take a paycut to be apart of that team who would gladly keep him over giving him away for nothing in return.

  3. If Derek Carr is the future of the Raiders than this fan is going to have many reasons to watch the inevitable losses piling up! Raiders will not have a future as a Super Bowl contender with him as their field general period, so if there’s anyone who should be dangled for trade bait it’s the predictable Carr!!!!

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