Marcus Mariota Trying to Force the Raiders to Release Him?

Marcus Mariota is in the middle of a power struggle of sorts with the Raiders right now.

The Raiders would like to trade him, but Mariota is using his incentive-loaded contract to block a deal from getting done in hopes of being released.

“We all know his contract is an issue,” Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal said on Wednesday. “The easy thing is to say, ‘Well look, you could trade for the guy and rip up his contract.’ Yes, that is possible in theory, but what needs to happen is the player needs to play ball on that. From what I am hearing, at least from Mariota’s camp, is that they are not willing to play ball on the contract.”

An article in The Oregonian spelled out very well why Mariota’s representatives might be taking a huge gamble with their approach – particularly if the Raiders choose to be stubborn:

”The gamble for Mariota is the Raiders could decide to retain him through training camp. Mariota’s 2021 salary of $10.6 million isn’t guaranteed, meaning the Raiders could wait for a team that needs to add a quarterback and make a move. That move would cost Mariota a bunch of money and security, but more importantly, a chance to start and revive his career.”

So now we wait.

Who will blink first… the Raiders or Mariota?

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12 thoughts on “Marcus Mariota Trying to Force the Raiders to Release Him?

  1. If Gruden doesn’t keep him, he (Gruden) will be making the exact same mistake that he made with Kahlil Mack. When, not if, Gruden needs him Gruden will be saying that NOW he needs a good backup quarterback and can’t find one. Watch and see.

    1. Exactly , Gruden I feel is there to sabotage this organization, trading or even letting Mariota go would be , a complete backfire and worse decision ever, especially if carr goes down.

  2. Why did Mariota sign a two year contract? Now he’s got some leverage? Really. Well I hope the Raiders can resign him to another contract but he wants to start. So Raiders should trade him for another good backup QB.

  3. Mariota deserves to start….
    Trade Carr….I’m so sick of watching him (Carr) of choking. Why did the Raiders sign Mariota in the 1st place?
    To scare Derek? I don’t get it? SEVEN years of (zipperty du dah)
    I’ve been a diehard since Warren Wells….
    I can’t take this any longer…😉

    1. If you’ve really been a die hard Raiders fan that long, then you’d be feeling really fortunate about your QB situation right now. There are only three teams in better shape.

      1. Look 8-8 isn’t making me dance like…….
        Michael Flatley!!! Okay
        I’ve been watching Carr
        Longer then Gruden…thats another point I need to made.
        He’s another disappointment, looks like he’ll never be like Madden….

    2. totally agree. Carr is afraid in situations and gets all scared to run with the ball and then throws the ball out. Mariota is opposite. he keeps calm and likes to run the ball and isint throwing balls out of bounds. Keep Mariota and ditch Carr. Raiders 4 Life

  4. I’ve been a raider fan since 1980 And watched them playing through good and Bad And I think that it’s time to see them go all the way so my advice is to trade Derek Carr and the 3rd string quarterback Peterson keep Marcus Mary yota as a pack of quarterback for Russell Wilson And give Seattle 3rd round 4th round and 5th round draft picks to them

  5. Derek carr had as good a season as anyone else in the league if we had a defense to go along with the offense we would have been in the playoffs carr is not the problem

  6. If you are rooting to trade Carr, you either don’t know football or you are a Raider Hater. Carr is NOT the problem and Mariota is definitely NOT the answer. The Raiders do need a better defense; they need the coaching staff to keep the pedal down when they are ahead in points – not play the time clock BS. Their entire concept needs to be “win by 21 points”, not hey, we are up by 5 in the third….. lets run out the clock. Speaking of coaches, their half time “talk” sucks. Gruden’s problem is that he doesn’t want to wipe out the opposition – maybe fearing that he’d show some plays that he’d want to keep for another game? The third quarter is by FAR the worst of any team in history for the last four years. All said and done, we need that 1980, beat your a$$, Raider defense NOT the “give them 5 yards a play and hope for the best with three rushing” flag football crap. Again, CARR is NOT the problem… by far.

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