Mario Edwards Jr. Running Out Of Time To Impress Jon Gruden?

After signing a pair of veteran defensive linemen right before minicamp, it seems a little like Jon Gruden might be trying to motivate a player or two along the Raiders defensive front.

The popular theory at the present time seems to be that Mario Edwards Jr. might be one of them.

Jerry McDonald of The Mercury News listed Edwards Jr. as one of five players who needs to “pick up the pace” when training camp gets underway in six weeks:

“A second-round draft pick in 2015, Edwards played 14 games last season after struggling to stay healthy but wasn’t overly productive and did not provide the inside pass rush that was desperately needed when playing tackle. So far, Edwards hasn’t overwhelmed at either base end or three-technique. The additions of P.J. Hall and Maurice Hurst make it imperative that Edwards stay on the field produce early on in Napa. Otherwise, Edwards could be trade bait for a lower-round pick or simply be released before beginning his fourth season.”

For what it’s worth, McDonald isn’t alone in his synopsis of Edwards.

The Athletic’s Vic Tafur agrees that Edwards could be in trouble, but still has a few advocates in the building – one being the man who drafted him in 2015.

“To me there are so many clear signs [Gruden] is sending him,” Tafur said on his State of the Nation podcast.

“[Edwards] has got to show up in Napa and play well and play all the time. He can’t miss anything. I think that’s been the knock on him is he gets injury prone, I don’t know if ‘lazy’ is a another word you hear about him. Mario does have fans still. Reggie McKenzie is still a big believer in him… Tom Shaw (the strength and conditioning coach) really thinks he’s a special kind of specimen so I think it’s still there for him. Not saying he’s a dead duck, but he needs to show well in camp.”

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2 thoughts on “Mario Edwards Jr. Running Out Of Time To Impress Jon Gruden?

  1. It’s unfortunate for some of RM’s previous draft picks that they were caught up in the whirlwind of ‘transition’ and had to grow under subpar tutelage coming into the Pros. I will forever ? The strength and conditioning group that seemed to operate the the entrance into the black hole. A guy goes in and never comes out. To many of the unexplained injuries seemed to have put more than a physical damper on some of these guys careers. When Gareon was injured with what RM said was shin splints I believed him. And then when GC took so long to return I had the thought that they over worked him causing the stress fracture. It’s the next logical thing to happen when you don’t handle or look to the speediest yet most healthful all around treatment for the diagnosis. Also adding to the serious lack of depth available.
    Anyway, I hope that ME can get out of his head and get back to how good he can be,

  2. Aaaaaannnnnnnd another wasted, high-end draft pick by McKenzie! Notice the lack of shock by anyone

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