Mark Davis: 20% Of Las Vegas Seats Coming From Los Angeles And Oakland

For anyone wondering who would be buying all the seats at the Raiders new stadium in Las Vegas, owner Mark Davis recently shared the figures with

According to Davis, about 10% of the seats are being sold to buyers in the Bay Area and another 10% are from buyers in Los Angeles. Davis said he expects about 27% of the seats to be sold outside of the state of Nevada, meaning that only about 7% of seats are being sold to buyers outside of Los Angeles, Oakland, and the state of Nevada.

Of course, the number that will really matter to Davis will be the percentage of his 65,000 seats that are sold overall – and to a lesser degree, how many of those seats are going to be occupied by visiting fans.

The Las Vegas stadium is projected to be ready for the 2020 season and there should be plenty of motivation for Davis and company to finish the project by then. Remember, the 2021 season could potentially be affected by a player strike – can you imagine opening the lavish new stadium with replacement players?

Not that it would be much worse than a few of the teams the Raiders have fielded over the past 15 years.

Hard to decide which would be worse: a replacement quarterback or JaMarcus Russell?

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2 thoughts on “Mark Davis: 20% Of Las Vegas Seats Coming From Los Angeles And Oakland

  1. 10% Oakland, 10% LA?? Davis better get those numbers up, because they’re the only ones who can possibly afford it. 70% of LV’s workforce is service industry. Sorry, but if you’re looking for the cocktail waitress or blackjack dealer to plop down 20K for a PSL, not to mention season ticket costs, you’re sadly mistaken. The casinos may buy some small percentage of PSL’s, but why would the casinos want 65K people in a stadium and NOT in the casino gambling for 3 hours?? I heard they sell a lot of rose tinted sunglasses in LV. Bless their little hearts.

  2. Good observation Daryl. I was a 20 yr season
    Ticket holder, when they left for LA way back when, I said goodbye for good. The Raiders are
    Nomads, they are not loyal to their fans.

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