Report: More Than A Dozen Teams Have Inquired About Khalil Mack

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, more than 12 teams have reached out to the Raiders about trading for Khalil Mack – some of them have even called more than once.

One of those teams, according to Mehta, is the New York Jets.

A report earlier this week indicated that the Raiders have given a firm ‘no’ to all teams interesting in trading for Mack – which appears to be close to half the teams in the league.

The issue between Mack and the Raiders right now appears to be about guaranteed money and the sides apparently aren’t even close enough to talk about it.

“I have talked to both sides this week, there is “nothing new,” and the progress has been glacial as they are apparently still far apart on guaranteed money,” Vic Tafur reported on Tuesday. “The Raiders made an offer in the spring, it wasn’t enough, and there has been very little volleying back and forth.”

The Raiders may not be chomping at the bit to give Mack a record-setting deal, but there’s no question at this point that plenty of teams around the league would be happy to – and lose a couple high drafts picks in the process.

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  1. The Raiders have quickly said no about trades…

    But it’s the off-season/preseason mashup so let’s all entertain the ideas of what never will be…

    No really, there’s not much else to do from now until MNF kickoff

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