Mark Davis Calls 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas a “Big Day for the Raiders”

They don’t do approval ratings for NFL owners, but given the current state of the Raiders, team owner Mark Davis could probably probably use a ratings boost if there was such a thing.

In the wake of an embarrassing loss to the Chiefs that was aired on local television stations across more than 80 percent of the country, there is nothing Raider fans want to see more than a team that competes on Sundays.

So when Davis announced on Wednesday that the Super Bowl coming to Las Vegas in 2024 was a “big day for the Raiders”, it understandably didn’t sit well with a lot of fans. Davis also told members of the media that “when you’re not winning on the field, it’s nice to win off it.”

Point taken, but it’s a little tone deaf considering how bad the Raiders are playing right now.

As is usually the case with Davis, the motives for his statements seemed sincere, but until the Raiders are a winning organization again, the majority of the fan base couldn’t care less about where the Super Bowl is being held. It may be a great day for Davis, and it may be a great day for the organization, but the fan base is still suffering from an embarrassing 48-9 loss to a division rival that will never host a Super Bowl.

So yes, a Super Bowl in town might boost the Raiders’ revenue, which might lead to something positive down the road in terms of free agency or something. But Raider fans want to be excited about their team in the Super Bowl.

Not their stadium being in it.

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10 thoughts on “Mark Davis Calls 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas a “Big Day for the Raiders”

  1. I believe this was one of the reasons Davis wanted a new stadium all along. He would have never gotten this with the stadium in Oakland. It maybe a win if the Raiders are able to receive revenue from it but as a fan of the Raiders, I can’t help but think that money doesn’t mean a whole lot if you continue to lose. The need for stability for the Raiders organization should be top priority. From the front office to the coaching staff and the players, the turnover has to stop. And the haters both fans that claim they are Raider fans and the media need to stop blaming Carr. Carr isn’t the problem but a recipient of all the problems of turnover, from head coaches, receivers, and offensive linemen. These problems are a recipe for failure regardless of who the quarterback is.

  2. Yes, great day for the landlords of allegiant stadium . Great day for city of Las Vegas!! Nice money coming in !! The fans who would love a competitive team, sorry. Big effin deal Mark

  3. Mark Davis is the problem and his team is cursed by his own words. Who in their right mind would Christian their new stadium the “the death star?” It is no surprise then this season has blown up in tragic fire works fashion and style once again. Just change our logo to that of Mark Davis’ image on the side of our helmets, I know longer call this team the Raiders rather just Mark Davis’ team. The Raiders never: quit, came to play, won: five Conference championships three World Championships sixteen division titles and I saw them all. Those were the Raiders, this is just Mark Davis’ team and there is no one left in the building to right this ship that is stuck in those sands. The only hope for this flagship, once proud team is for idiot boy to sell this team. Say it out loud Mark must sell this team if the Raiders will ever be relevant once again!

  4. I firmly believe as a team owner there are 3 reasons to own a professional sports team:
    1 to make money, 2 to win or 3 both.
    I have no clue what Davis wants to achieve. From the looks of who he has hired, it’s to make money. The super bowl coming to Vegas?
    Doesn’t make the raiders a winning team.
    Pay me 1mm I’ll get this team in ship shape
    It can’t be all that hard, again there are “professionals” year after year that put this team in constant rebuild. The Pats have the same draft, same number of players on offense and defense, same salary cap etc etc

    Gm stinks, coaches worse, look at the dope playing (owner) first.
    Something like that.
    If Chainsaw Al Dunlop were still alive and put in charge we’d have a winner in 2 years.

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