Raiders Among the Best in the NFL at Utilizing Play Action, But Use it the Least

The Raiders offense is sputtering of late and they will be looking for anything that might work against the Browns this week on the road.

One idea might be to utilize more play-action passes.

The Raiders have had huge success using play-action this year, but for whatever reason, they don’t use it a lot. According to data analyst Anthony Reinhard, the Raiders are one of the best teams in the NFL at executing play-action passes, but call them less than any team in the NFL.

Reinhard created a chart (below) and it offers a good visual of all 32 teams and the success they have using play-action passes. Teams farthest to left use play action the least and teams closest to the top, execute it the best.

The Raiders are about as high and left as the chart will allow…

The Raiders’ running game has been an embarrassment this year, but past data has shown that play-action passes are often effective even without a strong running game.

Very few teams in the league (if any) have more trouble running the ball than the Raiders, but they are still among the best in the NFL at gouging defenses that bite on their run fakes.

As long as the Browns don’t jump out to a huge lead on Saturday (see: week, last), the Raiders should be able to use play action effectively this week. More effective run fakes might help the running game get back on track, too.

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5 thoughts on “Raiders Among the Best in the NFL at Utilizing Play Action, But Use it the Least

  1. True the Play Action Pass should definitely help, also more safe screen play and the biggest help would be some more blitzes on Defense. This PREVENT a WIN DEFENSE SUCKS. No DB can cover a Receiver for 5 seconds on every play. Since wins are becoming scarce Take a FEW CHANCES!!!!!

  2. The best coach in the NFL is Bill Belichick, hands down. He has taken a team with so, so talent and turned them into a contender solely on the premise of his coaching ability. The only coaches in NFL history that may have given Bill Belichick a run for his money are Vince Lombardi, after all that’s why they call it the Lombardi trophy, Don Shula, Bill Walsh and Chuck Knoll with Jimmy Johnson receiving an honorable mention.

    If the Raiders are ever going to contend for anything ever again, they need a competent head coach. It all starts there.

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