Mark Davis Calls it a “Misconception” that Josh McDaniels Had Control Over the Raiders’ Roster

There have been reports over the last few weeks about different players that didn’t end up on the Raiders’ roster on account of Josh McDaniels.

One of those players was C.J. Stroud, according to a Sports Illustrated report, but Raiders owner Mark Davis said on Wednesday that McDaniels didn’t have the authority to overrule his general manager on roster decisions.

Speaking to The Athletic’s Tashan Reed, Davis said that former GM Dave Ziegler had control over the roster during his 21 months with the Raiders…

“I think there’s been a misconception on the last head coach and general manager and who had the authority. Lately, some articles have come out making it seem like the head coach had more authority on that and that’s the furthest thing from the truth. The general manager had the final authority on all of it. Whether he accepted that authority or not is a different story, but it was very clear when they were hired where the buck stopped.”

Based on those comments from Davis, it sounds like Ziegler had control of the roster, but essentially deferred to McDaniels on many of the major personnel decisions.

For what it’s worth… McDaniels’ deal with the Raiders was reported to be worth $60 million over six years and Ziegler was said to make a little less than half that amount (which it isn’t uncommon in the NFL for a HC to make more than a GM).

Maybe the old friends had their own agreement in place or maybe they just went the opinion of the friend with the bigger pay check.

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3 thoughts on “Mark Davis Calls it a “Misconception” that Josh McDaniels Had Control Over the Raiders’ Roster

  1. Hey Nation, guys,gals. I really couldn’t care less who had the final call on the roster. Whoever it was they had no sense on how to build a roster. The Raiders can say what they want in hindsight but the fact of the matter is that we have been a bad team making bad roster decisions for about 20-25 years now!! No matter who has been Coach or GM!! We need to change the entire culture of our team!! Get a Coach who will change the trajectory of the team, the front office, the scouting and everything!! We need MAJOR CHANGES ACROSS THE BOARD EVERYWHERE!! A complete redo of the entire operation!! And if you want to know how to do it just take a page out of the San Francisco 49ers way!! NOT THE PATRIOTS WAY!! The 49ers build teams the way the Raiders used to do it!! You don’t have to take my word for it just look for yourself!! They are in the playoff conversation almost every year and always have a competitive team. They go out and get good draft picks and great free agents like we used to do!! Just saying…..

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