Hour-Long Feature Details the Failed Tenure of Josh McDaniels and the Media Folk That Carried His Water Over the Last 21 Months

The Josh McDaniels era has mercifully come to an end in Las Vegas.

The owner finally ‘smartened up’ and the transition away from McDaniels could not have gotten off to a better start than it did on Sunday with a 30-6 win over the Giants.

It cost Raiders owner Mark Davis nearly $85 million to watch his team circle the drain over the last 21 months, but it seems like the organization might be headed in the right direction under interim GM Champ Kelly and interim head coach Antonio Pierce.

Without question, the Raiders and their fans have been through a lot. The owner and the fans were fooled by a head coach who now leaves the organization with $60 million that may as well have been buried in the Las Vegas sand.

It isn’t short, but this very well-produced video from Wifi Willie (below) walks through the last two Raider seasons under McDaniels and just how upside down the organization had become with him in charge.

We learned a lot about McDaniels a person and we learned some things about the way a couple of compromised members of the media chose to report on the ones that give them their information…

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3 thoughts on “Hour-Long Feature Details the Failed Tenure of Josh McDaniels and the Media Folk That Carried His Water Over the Last 21 Months

  1. Clicked out as soon as it said made by wifi willie. Can’t stand that dude and his conspiracy theories. He is a bigger carr fan than an actual raiders fan. But man am I glad we got rid of that idiot McDaniels.

  2. The fans were not fooled. Again, Josh McDaniels showed us who and what he was with Denver and then again with Indy. Anyone who has any ability at all to judge character could see he had none. Without character you can’t command respect or trust and seeing as how those are maybe the two most important things for a head coach to be able to do it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that it went the way it did. And yet all the “football minds” and “insiders” in this organization bought into it hook, line and sinker. But once again, and I can’t stress this enough because this article makes the claim that he fooled the fans, the fans did not. He showed us who he was. When someone does that, believe them.

    That said, thank you Mark Davis for finally coming to your senses. AP might just be the right guy for the job, again based on character and the resultant ability to command respect and trust. Let’s hope he and Champ get a real shot to turn this team into something we can all be proud of.

  3. Wifi Willie deserves immense recognition for fearlessly speaking up about the abysmal regime under Josh McDaniels of the Raiders. Those comments, like those made by Sgt. something or another, are nothing short of hilarious. It is evident that those who blindly believed in Josh McDaniels are now feeling the sting of disappointment. Wifi Willie, being a true Raider fan, has dedicated his time, energy, and resources to provide us fans with genuine and valuable content. From the moment Josh McDaniels assumed control, Wifi Willie warned us about the impending disaster that lay ahead. He had the courage to report this information when nobody else dared to. While Graphix and Waisted also gave the new regime a chance to turn things around before they also gave up on this new pathetic regime under Josh McDaniels. Wifi Willie and I were quick to recognize the signs of failure. We appreciate the bravery of those, like Graphix and Waisted, who shed light on the shortcomings of this regime. Unlike Hondo and the (X) O.C father who’s son was canned!! who sugar-coated everything Josh did, they dared to speak the truth.

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