Mark Davis “Has Turned His Ire” Toward the NFL, Believes the Gruden Emails Were a “Hit Job”

Raiders owner Mark Davis hasn’t talked much since accepting Jon Gruden’s resignation last week, but what little he has said seems to indicate that he has some frustration with the league.

A report on Sunday seemed to confirm as much.

“Davis has turned his ire toward the league office, according to sources with knowledge of the situation, becoming very emotional at the meeting in which Gruden departed and mulling potential legal options,” CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported on Sunday. “Davis has told others that he believes influential figures within the league office were intent on forcing Gruden out through calculated media leaks of the emails that contained racist tropes and homophobic slurs.”

“He thinks the league office is out to get him,” a source who has spoken to Davis told CBS Sports. “He thinks it’s a hit job.”

Davis will take some criticism for his stance against the NFL, but considering the league has known about the emails since of the offseason, it’s at least fair to question why they chose to leak the emails when they did. Davis, of course, was in regular contact with the NFL over the last two weeks and it has been said that the league threatened to continue leaking emails until the Raiders fired Gruden.

From the standpoint of the Raiders and their fans, it’s only fitting that the organization be at odds with the NFL. It’s a tradition unlike any other. The tradition began decades ago with Al Davis and it seems the younger Davis is finally ready to carry the torch.

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2 thoughts on “Mark Davis “Has Turned His Ire” Toward the NFL, Believes the Gruden Emails Were a “Hit Job”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised the NFL been hating on the raiders the first day they came into existence first al davis now his son the main culprits first it was pete rozelle now is roger Goodell and dont forget jerry jones he pretends that he likes mr Davis but dont trust that man he is a phony

    1. Jerry Jones, bob kraft, broncos owner Bowlin, Roger goodell… all racists. They have all attempted to destroy raiders and Davis for years. Don’t forget raider haters ESPN and their massive involvement in all of this as well…. if all of the e-mails and other info were to get really out there? Look out!! Just the tip of the iceberg… don’t get me started….

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