Mark Davis Seems To Believe Raiders Were At A Schematic Disadvantage Under Jack Del Rio

It was a rough 2017 for Jack Del Rio.

The Raiders third-year head coach went 6-10 and depending on who you listen to, Del Rio also managed to lose the Raider locker room somewhere along the way.

But according to Bob LaMonte, the agent for both Del Rio and Jon Gruden, the Raiders would have moved on from Del Rio this season even if the team had been better.

“Jack Del Rio could have gone 10-6 last season and he would have still got terminated,” LaMonte told The Athletic in a story this week.

Davis apparently wanted Gruden that bad.

But had Gruden ultimately decided against returning to the sideline, the Raiders would have most likely brought Del Rio back for another year.

Davis talked about where he felt Del Rio fell short this season and how me might have gone about fixing things.

“What I would’ve done is probably brought in a president—somebody with X’s and O’s ability—to work with Jack,” said the Raiders owner in a recent Sports Illustrated story.

“And I would’ve gotten some more competent coordinators.”

From the owner’s standpoint, the Raiders were at a schematic disadvantage this season under Del Rio, offensive coordinator Todd Downing, and obviously Ken Norton Jr., who was fired during the season.

In some ways Del Rio probably deserved another year with the team, but if he was going to need someone to hold his hand and help him learn the X’s and O’s of the game…

No thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Mark Davis Seems To Believe Raiders Were At A Schematic Disadvantage Under Jack Del Rio

  1. That’s exactly what I had been saying all season about jack Del Rio, it was so obvious that the raiders lacked big time in the x’s and o’s Department any real person who understands football could see it. Just wanna say thanks Mark for doing what was needed to be done! Can’t wait to see what gruden and his new staff will do with the talented team. Justwinbaby!

  2. I agree, we were out coach in almost every game . Hiring Todd Downing as OC and keeping Norton was a mistake. They had no clue about how to attack a weakness or scheme to protect our weakness. Gruden will not let this team be unprepared or out schemed

  3. Other stories coming out of Oakland also seem to suggest that Del Rio was devisive and might have been one of the reasons for the upheaval . Evidenced by his promotion of Downing , knowing he was incapable of running an offense and then lying about why he made that move . He would have continued to drag the team down .

    1. Allen, that’s speculative at best. His track record showed this is what Del Rio does. Look at Jacksonville. He followed that script to a tee! Turn the team around, make a playoff run. Fire Musgrave and watch everything impload. I must admit he won me over last year. But I had serious reservations about him from the beginning. He was totally out coached this year. Knew NOTHING about X’s and O’s but I don’t think ANYBODY can question his love of the Raiders! For me, he’ll always be a part of the NATION!

  4. I think coach DelRios – for lack of a better term “flaw” was his inability to get the right coaching staff around him… if what we’ve read is true and JDR made up a story about the team losing Todd Downing if he wasn’t promoted to OC then that was a huge mistake…the team did really well under Musgrave – if not for the injury to Carr Vs the Colts we easily could’ve been 13-3 and favored against everybody but NE in the playoffs- that being said JDR could’ve gone 13-3 this passed season but if Gruden wanted the job JDR would be gone- Not sure what made JDR think a 1st year OC was a good idea for the progression of Carr but if everybody else thought like me , we didn’t know what to think but deferred to coach DelRio and had high expectations, but things obviously took a turn for the worse in game 3 in a nationally televised game and things just got worse from there….Now that we’ve gotten that off our chests , Coach Gruden is back with what seems to be a top notch coaching staff , I am concerned though about Coach Cable and hs Zone Blocking Schemes , obviously the OLine in place would be better served in a power blocking scheme , but we will see what happens #RaiderNation!!!!!

  5. del rio deserved nothing and deserves nothing.

    he lost the locker room

    he kept incompetent coordinators employed knowing full well the team was drowning

    no way to fix that

    from what I heard Del Rio was a little obnoxious and very vocal with who he wanted to be the US President and that really turned a lot of players off. Del Rio should have kept his mouth shut and been all about business. You think Jimmy Johnson Bill Parcells or Don Shula were in their locker rooms back in the day talking about how much better ronald reagan was than walter mondale? gtfo

    i also heard del rio was very liberal with HIS work schedule and delegated a lot of critical learning coaching duties to subordinates or left it up to his players to figure it out on their own. what started as a 9am-9pm(during the season) head coaching job turned into a 11am-3pm job. del rio really didn’t put forth the effort required for the NFL coach. he made it look good and said all the right things but in the end me, you, and most importantly jack del rio all know he isn’t cut out to be an NFL head coach and this was his last chance.

    the way he pissed away the 2017 season and all the unprofessional antics he let his players get away with will carry far more weight than his 12-4 record from the previous year

    it must be hard for jack to look in the mirror and know he was very close to a potential super bowl run but his laziness and incompetence got the best of him.

    he knows deep down he missed his shot at the brass ring

    and to be honest this guy Del Rio was a big loser in jacksonville and he just wasn’t the right guy for the job. the ONLY things that made him appealing to the raiders was he was available, from california, and desperate for another HC position. but after scrubs like hue jackon, denis allen, and tom cable anyone would have sounded better.

    *but i do wonder something on a side note

    if mark davis took that 100 million dollar offer to bill belichick could bill have said no?

    i love gruden but let’s be honest…for the type of money the raiders spent they should have/could have bought top shelf liquor instead of nostalgia in the beer aisle

    nothing on gruden’s resume says he is worth 10 million a year but i hope he makes me eat these words as he lifts the lombardi trophy in the next few years

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